Can you use brake cleaner to Clean a Carburetor?

Carburetors can get clogged up over time with dirt and grime. While careful maintenance will keep a carburetor in good condition, sometimes you need to give yours a deep clean to remove deposits from gasoline or years of use.

Brake cleaner is one of the few chemicals available that can be used to clean a carburetor. This should only be done outside, as the fumes are toxic. Carb cleaners are flammable and dangerous chemicals, so you should wear protective gear when using them.

Brake cleaner, which is designed to remove deposits, will work on a carburetor. This may not be desirable for cleaning multiple vehicles though because of the smell and mess left behind by the cleaner.

How to clean a carburetor using brake cleaner

Make sure you’re wearing protective goggles to protect your eyes in case of an accident. Breathing in brake cleaner fumes is extremely hazardous, so be sure the area is well ventilated when you clean your carburetor with this product.

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