How Much Does A BMW Brake Fluid Flush Cost?

All modern vehicle brake systems have a hydraulic system. The hydraulic brake system in your car uses fluid to transfer the force from your foot to the brakes of the wheels. This makes it possible for you to stop a heavy vehicle on a dime when needed.

This fluid is very important and must be maintained regularly. Over time, this hydraulic fluid breaks down and becomes contaminated with water or other chemicals that can cause damage to your car’s braking system, which will lead to an expensive replacement bill. It is recommended that you get a brake fluid flush once every two years. Some shops may offer the service more often if they notice evidence of leaking or worn-out parts, but it is not required for your BMW to function properly.

The cost of a brake fluid flush varies by shop, city, and location. The average price is around $50-$80 per axle (front or rear). You will be looking at an additional charge for the replacement of the brake pads if they are worn too thin. Replacing them can add on an extra $100-$200 dollars to your total bill.

Why should I get my brakes flushed, and when should I have them done?

As your car’s brakes begin to wear down, the fluid level drops as well. This causes a reduction of braking efficiency and can lead to expensive repairs if ignored. There are signs that you might need brake fluid flushes, such as:

  1. Your brake pedal feels soft when pressed down
  2. The brake pedal sinks towards the floor and requires pumping even after stopping
  3. When pressing down on the brakes, it takes longer than usual for them to engage
  4. You hear squeaking noises or grinding sounds coming from under the hood or from your wheels

If any of these occur, be sure to contact your service center right away!

What are the risks of not getting your brakes flushed regularly?

When you ignore the signs listed above, there are a few issues that may arise.

  • If your brake fluid freezes, it will cause the steel lines and rubber seals to crack. This is an expensive fix as all of those parts need to be replaced or repaired properly due to their location on the car.
  • Driving around with low brake fluid for a long time can corrode your hydraulic system components, especially if you live in a salt belt area where roads are treated with salt during icy winter months. The corrosion can eat away at valves and seals, which will require costly replacement work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is brake fluid flush necessary BMW?

Yes, brake fluid flush is necessary on all vehicles, including BMWs.
Brake fluid should be flushed every two years per the maintenance schedule for your car. The idea behind a brake fluid flush is to clean out the old fluid and replace it with new fluid so that one can have fresh brakes on their car.

How much should I pay for brake fluid flush?

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay between $80-$150 for a rear brake fluid replacement. The more expensive option may include labor charges, while the less expensive one may not.
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