Are Chains Bad for Tires?

Are Chains Bad For Tires

Chains are usually made of metal, meaning that they can damage a car’s body. This is especially true if you don’t properly install the chains onto your tires, as a …

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Can Cheap Tires Cause Vibration?

Can Cheap Tires Cause Vibration

Cheap tires can cause vibration. The tread pattern of some cheap tires can cause vibration and shimmy when the vehicle is in motion. This is caused by low-quality tire construction. …

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Do Snow Tires Help on Ice?

Do Snow Tires Help On Ice

To answer the question, “Do snow tires help on ice?” — they absolutely do. Snow tires are covered with a compound that helps the tire grip icy roads and provide …

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Are Tires Toxic to Cats?

Are Tires Toxic To Cats

Yes, some tires are toxic to cats and can make them sick. This is because they’re made with chemicals that are poisonous to your cat. Newer tires will contain less …

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Why Do Tires Get Bubbles?

Why Do Tires Get Bubbles

There are a number of reasons why tires get those bubbles and cracks. Your tire could be wearing out due to normal use, or it could be because you’re not …

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How Long Do Run Flat Tires Last?

How Long Do Run Flat Tires Last

The lifespan of run-flat tires is similar to that of regular car tires, which generally last up to 50,000 miles. A common misconception is that since run-flats are specifically designed …

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Can I Use Winter Tires in Summer?

Can I Use Winter Tires In Summer

Winter tires are specifically designed to handle cold weather and ice. They have less tread depth, but compensate with grooves that are specifically shaped to squeeze out as much traction …

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Why Do Tires Blow Out?

Why Do Tires Blow Out

A lot of things can go wrong with tires, but they’re generally pretty easy to fix. And as long-time mechanics will tell you, there’s nothing more important than getting it …

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