When You Buy Tires Does It Come With Rims?

This is an interesting question because tires are often used interchangeably with rims, but they’re actually very different. First off, let’s clarify what we mean by “tires” and “rims.”

  • Tires: The rubber piece that wraps around the wheel and allows you to drive your car on the road.
  • Rims: The metal circle that holds the tire in place.

When you buy a new set of tires from the Reno Chevy dealership or from an online retailer such as Tire Rack, it does not come with new rims. You can only buy tires unless there is a bundle deal offered for both (we’ll get to this later). If your rims are damaged or in need of replacement for any reason, you also have to purchase them separately. Here’s where things get tricky: when most people talk about buying new “wheels,” they’re often referring to tires and not rims—so it’s easy to see how this confusion has arisen.

Specifically addressing your question: when you purchase new tires alone, they do not come with new rims—but some retailers may offer bundled deals where both are sold together at a discounted price. These bundle deals usually don’t save you much money compared to buying the two separately, but if all four of your wheels need replacing and you want them to match precisely…a bundled deal could be worth looking into.

When do you need rims

No, tires and rims are two distinct items. Tires are the thick black rubber that you see on your vehicle. Rims are what hold the tire in place, and they’re usually made of metal.

When do you need rims?

If you have a flat tire, there’s no need to get a new rim too. But if your car has been damaged in an accident or by a pothole, it’s important to replace the rim as well as the tire. If a mechanic tells you that you need new tires but doesn’t mention replacing your rims, ask them if that’s also necessary!

What is the difference between tires and rims

To understand the difference between tires and rims, we first need to define our terms. “Rims” refers to the metal rings that hold your tire onto a vehicle. They’re usually made from steel or an aluminum alloy, and come in a variety of colors and styles.

In contrast, tires are the rubber components that make actual contact with the road.

To help you understand the difference in depth, let’s look at what happens when you purchase a set of tires: Your mechanic will take your old tires off their old rims and put them on new ones. If you bought a tire and rim package, however—which I’ll talk about in more detail momentarily—the new rims would be attached to your vehicle before your new tires are installed.

Some companies will sell a package deal of tires and rims together.

Not all companies offer rims with their tires, but there are some that will sell a package deal of tires and rims together. This combination depends on the company and you might be able to buy rims and tires separately. You can choose the color of your rim when you buy it from the company.

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