Why Do My Tires Squeal When I Turn?

It’s important to check your tires periodically and make sure they are wearing evenly. The treads are most likely worn down if you hear a screeching sound when turning. To check, use the penny test – place a penny in the tread with Lincoln facing down; if you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, it’s time for new tires!

If one tire is more worn than others, it may need replacing. See above for how to check the tread depth of your tires with a penny. Also look for bulges or bald spots on your tire that could indicate an improper fit or an issue with internal structure of the tire itself. A tire shop will help you identify any issues and recommend solutions to prevent any future problems.

Alignment Problems

You’re driving down the road and all of a sudden, you hear your tires squeal as you turn. What does this mean? Your tires are probably misaligned.

Alignment problems occur when your wheels are not facing the right direction, or parallel to each other. Misalignment can be caused by a number of things: hitting curbs, running into potholes, or even just general wear and tear on your car.

If your tires are not aligned properly, they won’t be perpendicular to the road surface. This makes them more likely to squeal when turning corners because they have less grip on the road surface than they would otherwise. If left unchecked, uneven tire wear will also occur due to lack of traction between rubber and pavement while driving straight ahead at high speeds over long distances; in some cases it could lead to a crash if one tire blows out unexpectedly from excessive pressure being applied during braking maneuvers (e.g., going downhill).

Issues With the Suspension

There are several components in your car that work together to give you a smooth ride, including your suspension. Your suspension is a system of parts that keep the frame of your car in place and prevent you from going bumpity-bump at every little pothole.

If there’s something amiss with your suspension, tire squealing could be one possible symptom. The word “suspension” comes from the Latin suspensus, which means “hanging.” The purpose of suspension is to help distribute weight evenly across the body and wheels so they don’t make contact with each other while traveling over an uneven surface. It also helps make sure that when you’re turning or braking, only two wheels are making contact with the ground at a time. If all four were to simultaneously touch uneven pavement, it would result in a loss of control that could cause an accident. That’s where the connection between tire squealing and suspension lies: if something is wrong with your suspension system, the tires might lose traction on corners or turns because there’s not enough pressure on them.

Suspension systems also affect steering and braking by keeping wheels aligned properly—making sure they’re angled correctly no matter what speed you’re driving—so you can turn smoothly without losing traction or control as well as stop safely without skidding or spinning out of control when hitting the brakes.

Other Causes

There are a few other common causes of this problem, aside from your tire alignment being off.

Low tire pressure or bad wheel bearings can make your tires squeal when turning. Low tire pressure puts more weight on the edge of your tires and can cause them to overheat and wear out faster. This can also be dangerous if you’re driving in wet weather because it makes you more likely to hydroplane. Check your tire treads for uneven wear as well; if the inner or outer edges are worn down more than the middle, that could mean you have a wheel that is out of balance.

A sign of worn out shocks or struts is when you hear squeaking noises when turning corners. Another thing to check for is worn out ball joints, which are an important part of your car’s front suspension system and help it turn smoothly. If they become loose, faulty, or otherwise damaged then they could be making noise and causing steering problems as well! Brake dragging will also make this noise so check those too! Make sure they’re not warped and that there isn’t any damage done by debris like rocks hitting them while driving down dirt roads (or any road really).`

There are several possible causes, but there are some things you can do to prevent it.

Tires squealing when turning is a sign of a problem, such as worn tires, alignment issues or suspension problems that could be dangerous. There are several possible causes, but there are some things you can do to prevent it. Prevention is better than cure!

We recommend you get your car inspected if your tires squeal when you turn. Always look for the signs of tire wear and have them replaced at the first sign of trouble to avoid potential damage and danger on the road.

Steven Hatman
Steven Hatman

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