What Happens if I Don’t Pay a Parking Ticket?

The city will send you a letter, and if you don’t respond or pay within 30 days, they’ll send a second letter.

If you don’t respond or pay at this point, the city will drop the matter.

But if they do send a second letter, there is no guarantee that they won’t take action against you in the future if they find out that you are still parking illegally.

What is the process to dispute a parking ticket?

Gather evidence of your innocence, like photos of your car being parked in the spot where you got the ticket or an explanation from a witness who saw you park in that spot and didn’t see any signs.

Go online to the city’s website and find their page on how to dispute tickets.

Fill out the form with all of the information requested by the city, Your address, and if possible your driver’s license number or license plate number.

Be sure to include all documentation that supports why you think you shouldn’t have gotten this ticket!

Mail everything back to them with a check for whatever amount they ask for or write will pay upon settlement on it if they don’t ask for any money upfront.

How do I dispute a ticket?

You can dispute a ticket by calling the relevant organization.

You can also send in your dispute in writing, but this is not encouraged because it will take longer to resolve.

What to do if you get a parking ticket?

If you believe there are errors on your ticket, contact the parking enforcement agency that issued it within seven days of receiving it.

Tell them why you think there’s an error and ask for an explanation about how they calculated your fine or penalty.

If there really was an error on your ticket, they may be able to correct it and send you a new one with the right amount due.

If there weren’t any mistakes on your ticket and you still want to fight it, you can go to court and present a defense or explanation as to why you were parked where you were when they ticketed your vehicle.

How to avoid getting a parking ticket in the future?

Make sure that your car is parked in a legal space.

If you’re not sure whether or not you’re allowed to park there, ask someone who knows or look it up online.

Make sure that you have time left on the meter.

If you can’t tell how much time is left on the meter, try using an app like Parking Panda that lets you pay for parking through an app and shows you exactly how much time is left on your meter.

If a street sign says no parking or no stopping, don’t park there.

It’s as simple as that you don’t want to get a ticket because of ignorance or carelessness.

you will be charged a late fee

The fee is $10 per day, and it increases by $25 each time the fee is charged.


The truth is, if you don’t pay a parking ticket, your life will go on just fine.

You can continue to live your life as you always have, and no one will come to take you away or throw you in jail for failing to pay for a parking ticket.

It’s always best to be prepared and know what happens if you fail to pay a parking ticket.

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