What You Need to Know About Driving a Luxury SUV

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Have you been eyeing luxury SUVs for your next vehicle purchase? SUVs are known for offering more cabin space and superior feelings of safety. Upgrading to a luxury model comes with a much higher sticker price, but the difference can be completely worth it.

#1 Luxury Comfort and Features

One of the top reasons to spend more on a luxury SUV is the extra features and cabin comforts that will make the whole experience feel different. SUVs have always been known for their spacious cabins, but luxury brands have a way of adding some upscale touches that will make you feel spoiled.

Take the Mercedes GLC, known for its superior touchscreen infotainment system, touch-sensitive controls on the steering wheel, and a host of luxury features for the cabin, like ventilated seats, leather upholstery, illuminated door sill plates, and extremely comfortable seats. These are the differences that can make springing for luxury worth it.

#2 Higher Costs to Own

Going for luxury isn’t all upside, however. You should be aware of some of the cons that come with it, and higher ownership costs are one to take seriously.

Not only will a luxury SUV cost a premium in your car payments, but you can also expect to generally pay more for maintenance and repairs. Replacement parts will be of a higher quality, but you still have to expect to pay that premium when you drive a Mercedes or a Lexus. It simply comes with the territory.

Don’t forget that SUVs are going to have a lower fuel efficiency than smaller cars. You can offset those costs by exploring hybrid models, but otherwise, expect to spend more at the pump.

#3 High-Performance SUVs

Luxury isn’t just about the materials and creature comforts; most luxury SUVs also offer more power and better performance than their mid-scale counterparts. Upgrading to a luxury brand is one of the better ways to compensate for the fact that driving an SUV doesn’t exactly feel as fun as most sedans. You can expect luxury brands to be more entertaining when you’re behind the wheel.

#4 Lower Maneuverability

Another downside comes with the very nature of driving an SUV: maneuverability and parking. The spacious cabin and storage come with a cost, and that’s a much larger vehicle that can be harder to maneuver in tight urban areas.

#5 Sophisticated Style

You can’t talk about luxury SUVs without talking about the appeal of their design and style. It’s one of the features that distinguishes luxury models from options that are more budget-friendly.

There’s a certain level of prestige that comes with brands like Mercedes, BMW, and Lincoln. It comes from the craftsmanship in the design, the higher-quality materials used to make these vehicles, and the better technology to make your drive easier and safer. Look out for the hottest trend in luxury materials: sustainable materials like bamboo, labelled aluminum, and biofabricated silk.

Buying a luxury SUV can be well worth the price, but be prepared for ongoing higher costs and the inferior maneuverability that all SUVs suffer from.

Steven Hatman
Steven Hatman

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