Why Won’t My Car Go Past 40 Mph?

If you’re having trouble going faster than 40 mph, try resetting the trip odometer.

This is an easy way to determine if this is really what’s causing your issue or not.

If you reset it and are still having trouble going faster than 40 mph, then there may be something else wrong with your car.

If not, then you can move on to other troubleshooting techniques.

Another thing that could be causing your car not to go past 40 mph is that your speedometer is off.

This could be because of an error in its calibration or because something has happened inside the instrument panel that affects this reading.

To check for this issue, start by checking for any error codes on your vehicle’s computer system by taking it into an auto repair shop.

If there aren’t any errors showing up on their screen when they scan your vehicle, then they’ll need to check out some other components before they can proceed with any repairs including the speedometer itself.

The engine is not overheating

The reason your car won’t go past 40 mph is that the engine is not overheating.

If you have a car that has been overheating, then you may need to replace the radiator.

But if your car has never overheated and it just won’t go past 40 mph, then the problem is likely with your transmission or something else in your drivetrain.

The tires are not worn out or balding

The tires are not worn out or balding, so the most common reason why your car won’t go past 40 mph is that you have a flat tire.

It’s important to check your tires regularly and keep an eye on the pressure in each tire.

If you feel like one of your tires is going flat, pull over right away and check it out.

You may be able to inflate it enough to get home safely.

If the tire is too flat to drive on, call a tow truck or rent a car for your next trip!

There isn’t any water in the gas tank

Remove the gas cap and look inside. If you see water, remove it with a paper towel or rag.

Then add a few drops of water to the tank and replace the cap!

An issue with the transmission

The transmission is responsible for transmitting the power from the engine to the drive wheels.

As you accelerate, it will shift through various gears to match the speed of your car with that of your engine.

If your car won’t go past 40 mph, there may be an issue with your transmission.

The first thing you should check is whether or not the problem is in actual fact a problem with the transmission itself or just a symptom of something else that’s wrong in your car’s engine.

The steering wheel may be too tight

The steering wheel is too tight. This can be solved by loosening the screws on either side of the wheel that holds it in place, or by just removing one screw entirely.

If this doesn’t work and you want to get to the bottom of why your car won’t go above 40 mph, check out our other articles on how to fix this issue.

it makes a noise when trying to go fast

When you try to go over 40 mph, it makes a noise.

This is because the car’s transmission is not working properly, and it’s trying to compensate for this by making the noise.

The noise is only going to get worse over time, as more parts of the transmission wear out and break down.


There are many reasons why your car won’t go past 40 mph.

The most likely cause is that the transmission is broken, but it could also be something with the engine.

If you’re concerned about your car, you should bring it to a mechanic.

Steven Hatman
Steven Hatman

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