5 Most Dangerous Car Accessories

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Car accessories undoubtedly allow you to customize and personalize your vehicles according to your preferences and style. They can add unique touches to the interior decorations of your car and make it reflect your personality.

While most car additions increase comfort and convenience, some significantly endanger the driver’s and passengers’ safety. Whether you have the safest car or know everything about staying calm while driving, some car accessories can cause distraction and lead you to collisions. 

Here are the five most dangerous car accessories that can be the most hazardous and can be the reason for possible risks while driving.

Dangerous Car Accessories You Should Avoid 

Cell Phone Holders

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 3,142 fatalities in the US were caused by distracted driving in 2019.

When used improperly, cell phone holders can cause serious distractions for drivers. They increase the danger of accidents by drawing attention away from the road when placed in obstructed areas or the driver’s line of sight.

Windshield-Mounted Devices

GPS units and dash cams installed on windscreens might obscure the driver’s field of vision, reducing visibility and slowing reaction times. Remember that improper positioning or excessive clutter on the windscreen can jeopardize road safety. We say this because the latest study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety showed that even a two-second distraction greatly raises the likelihood of a collision. Even if a device is mounted, it may still contribute to distracted driving, a major cause of car accidents according to Koch & Brim

Headrest DVD Players

While headrest is enjoyable for passengers, DVD players can be risky if they cause the driver to become distracted or obscure their vision. Everyone in the car could be at risk if the screens’ visual and audio stimuli cause the driver to lose focus on the road.

Interior Decorations

Interior decorations placed incorrectly, such as huge objects on the dashboard or rearview mirror, can impair the driver’s vision. These distractions compromise the driver’s ability to focus on the road and oncoming traffic.

Unfortunately, young drivers are more likely to be involved in distraction-related crashes, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

Seat Belt Accessories

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), seat belts reduce the risk of accidents or car crashes. Although some seat belts modifications, like padded shoulder cushions or seat belt extenders, may seem harmless, they can reduce the effectiveness of the seat belt. 

These aftermarket changes may prevent the seat belt system from operating as it should in the event of an accident, lessening the protection it can provide for occupants.

Summing Up

To encourage safer driving habits, being aware of potentially risky car accessories is imperative. The use of seat belt additions, cell phone holders, windshield-mounted gadgets, excessive interior decor, and other items can all distract drivers; reduce the vision and efficiency of safety systems.

By responsibly avoiding or using these accessories, drivers can prioritize their focus on the road, reduce the risk of accidents, and enhance overall road safety for themselves and others. Remember, it is crucial to prioritize safety over convenience when choosing and using car accessories.

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