Can a Bad AC Compressor Cause a Car to Stall?

The ac compressor is the component that produces cold air for your car’s air conditioner. If the compressor is faulty, it won’t be able to produce enough air for your air conditioner.

When this happens, your engine will no longer be able to run efficiently. The engine will stall out, and you’ll need to take your car in for repairs.

A failing compressor can cause stalling at stops and idling if the compressor clutch is not engaging. But a bad ac compressor will not cause a car to stall.

What is a bad ac compressor?

A bad AC compressor is an air conditioning compressor that has stopped working.

If you notice that your car is having issues with its air conditioning, it could be because of a bad AC compressor.

This can cause an array of problems depending on the severity of the malfunction and how long it’s gone on.

What is an air conditioner?

An air conditioner is a device that cools down the air in your car. It works by removing heat from inside the car and then blowing it into the atmosphere outside of the vehicle.

The heat is removed from inside your car by a compressor, which compresses the gas and turns it into liquid. This liquid is then cooled down and sent back into your car as a gas again.

What the Problem/Challenge

The problem is that your car stalls when you are driving and putting on the air conditioning. The challenge is to find out what is causing this to happen and fix it.

1. Check for leaks in the hoses, connections, and seals. If there are any leaks, they need to be repaired or replaced before proceeding with other tests.

2. Check for an overheated engine. You can do this by checking the coolant level and making sure that it is not low or overheated.

3. If it is low, add coolant as needed and then recheck it after 20 minutes of driving with the AC on to see if there has been a change in temperature since adding more coolant than usual due to overheating due to a bad AC compressor.

4. If there has not been any change in temperature as mentioned above then there could be an issue with your AC compressor which would need replacing before proceeding with other tests.

5. Check for loose electrical connections between your vehicle’s battery terminals and starter motor by disconnecting the positive cable from its terminal first and then reconnecting it securely after a few seconds (make sure not

What Causes a Car to Stall?

There are many reasons why your car may suddenly stop running. The most common is due to problems with the battery or alternator.

These are considered “electrical” problems and have nothing to do with the engine itself—they are issues with either the battery or alternator (or both).

But there are also problems that can cause a car to stall from within the engine itself. For example:

Your fuel pump isn’t working properly and doesn’t deliver enough fuel for the engine;

Your spark plugs aren’t firing correctly so there isn’t enough power being delivered through them;

Your air conditioning compressor isn’t working properly so there isn’t enough refrigerant in there which means less cooling power

Why would a bad AC compressor stall your car?

If there’s something wrong with your AC compressor, it will not be able to compress refrigerant gas properly and this means that it won’t be able to cool the air that’s coming into your car’s ventilation system. That can cause your car to overheat and stall out.


if you are having trouble starting your car, it is important to identify the cause of the problem so that you can fix it as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about this topic or need help with any other automotive issue.

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