Can a Car Cigarette Lighter Drain the Battery?

The short answer is no, but it’s not the full story.

A car cigarette lighter will not drain your battery on its own; in fact, it’s just a small piece of metal that allows you to plug in an accessory such as a power bank or cell phone charger.

However, if you leave the accessory plugged in while the car is off and unoccupied, then yes, it can drain your battery.

The reason for this is that when you turn off the engine, there’s typically still some residual power left in the system which is enough to power a few accessories like lights or radio.

But if you’re using an accessory with a higher wattage than those lights or radios, then that could pull more electricity from the battery than what’s left over from when you turned off the engine.

What is a cigarette lighter?

A cigarette lighter is a small device that plugs into the car’s electrical system and allows you to use electronic devices such as cell phones, GPS systems, or heated seats without needing to plug those devices directly into the car’s electrical system.

Can a cigarette car lighter from another car drain your battery?

It’s possible, but it’s not likely. If you have a large enough gap between the cars and if you leave the lighter in for an extended period of time, it could drain the battery of one or both vehicles.

If you’re concerned about this happening, take the cigarette lighter out as soon as possible but don’t worry about it too much!

Can a fuse be used to stop the cigarette lighter from draining the battery?

If you have a fuse in your car, you can use it to stop your cigarette lighter from draining the battery by blowing out the fuse when you’re not using it. This means that even if something goes wrong with your charging device—like a short circuit—the fuse will cut off power before it can do any damage to other electrical components.

What can drain a car battery when the car is off?

Yes, a car cigarette lighter can drain the battery. In fact, it’s not even the only thing that can drain the battery.

When your car is off, there are a few different things that could be draining the battery.

The first is your door lights: those little lights that come on when you open a door and stay on for a few seconds to help you see where you’re going when you get out of the car at night.

These lights can be left on accidentally and will certainly drain your battery if they’re left on all night long.

Another thing that drains batteries while they’re off is all those gadgets we plug into our cars these days: cell phones, tablets, GPS systems—any of these devices can suck up power even when they aren’t in use.


So Can a car cigarette lighter drain the battery? Yes and no. If you leave your phone plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter overnight and you don’t turn off the car, then yeah, it’ll probably drain your battery.

But if you’re using the car’s cigarette lighter as its intended purpose and you unplug it at the end of each day, then it won’t drain the battery at all!

Steven Hatman
Steven Hatman

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