Can I Recycle Car Battery at Walmart?

Walmart is a great place to get all your household needs, but it’s also a good place to recycle your used car battery. A lot of people don’t realize that you can take your old car battery to a store like Walmart and recycle it there. So if you have an old car battery that’s no longer working, go ahead and take it over to Walmart. They’ll take care of the rest.

How many batteries are in a car?

There are usually two types of batteries in a car: the starter battery, which turns over the engine when you start your car; and an auxiliary battery, which provides power for accessories like power windows and lights. Most cars have two or three starter batteries and one auxiliary battery.

What happens if I put my used batteries in the trash?

Most states require that businesses collect lead-acid batteries from their customers when they’re replaced with new ones. This means that if you throw away your old batteries, they may end up contaminating landfills or causing other environmental problems instead of being recycled properly.

So if you have an old car battery lying around somewhere in your garage or shed, consider bringing it back into circulation by recycling it instead of throwing it out.

Take your old car battery to the center and drop it off

The Wal-Mart Auto Care Center will take your old car battery and recycle it for you. Just bring it to the center and we’ll take care of everything else! Wal-Mart also offers a wide variety of new car batteries, including both standard and high-performance choices.

So whether you’re looking for a replacement battery or just want to upgrade your current one, we’ve got what you need.

How to tell if a car battery needs to be recycled or not?

One of the best things you can do for the environment is to recycle your car battery. However, sometimes it isn’t easy to tell if a battery needs to be recycled or not. Here are some signs that will help you determine if your battery needs to be recycled.

The battery has been exposed to water. If your battery has been exposed to water, it should be considered hazardous waste and should not be placed in the garbage. The battery has been damaged in any way by a fire or explosion or has leaked acid onto other materials such as carpeting or flooring.

This may cause contamination within the landfill where it is disposed of, and could cause harm to workers there as well as wildlife living nearby.

How to recycle your old battery at Walmart?

Recycling your old car battery at Walmart is a great way to help the environment. Car batteries contain hazardous materials, so it’s important to dispose of them properly and that means not throwing them in the trash.

Check your local Walmart store for a recycling bin for old car batteries. If your local Walmart doesn’t have one, you can ask an employee if they have any ideas about where else you could take your battery, or see if there’s another recycling center near you.

If all else fails, call up your local department of public works and see if they offer any options for recycling old car batteries.


You can recycle your car battery at Walmart. The process is simple, and it’s one that we hope you’ll consider. When you bring your old battery into the store, they’ll make sure it gets properly recycled. They’ve got those too.

Steven Hatman
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