Can You Buy a Car With a Temporary License?

Can you buy a car with a temporary license? It depends. There are different reasons why someone might have a temporary license, including:

  • A temporary license is usually issued when your regular driver’s license has been suspended or revoked. This may be because of an offense like drunk driving or unpaid traffic tickets, so it’s important to check if your situation falls under either of these categories.
  • A learner’s permit is also known as a temporary license and is typically issued to people just learning how to drive. Holding one does not prevent you from buying a car (although some dealers may not want to sell one to you).

This depends on where you live and what kind of temporary license you have.

In some states, you can drive with a temporary driver’s license if it is provided by the state that issued your permanent driver’s license. For example, if you’re relocating to Indiana from Illinois, but don’t know when your new Indiana license will arrive in the mail, you can keep driving as long as you still have a valid temporary license from Illinois.

In other states, such as California, Florida and Pennsylvania, DMV-issued temporary permits may only be used for work purposes or to get to school. That means that driving for personal reasons might not be permitted with these types of licenses—but driving for work should be fine!

Some states require that you also carry auto insurance before they’ll issue a temporary permit at all. Make sure to check requirements with your local DMV before applying for a permit or buying car insurance so that you’re prepared beforehand.

Some car dealerships may not want to sell a car to someone with a temporary license.

While it’s possible to buy a car with a temporary license, it’s best to wait until your permanent license is reinstated. If you’re in a rush to get a car and you don’t have time to wait for your full license, that’s okay—but make sure you understand the risks of buying a car without an official driver’s license first.

Find out if the car dealership will sell to you

Before going shopping for cars, do some research on local dealerships. Find out which ones are willing to work with people who only have temporary licenses (and which ones aren’t). This will save you the trouble of driving or having someone drive you around town visiting lots that won’t serve your needs. Make sure the salespeople at all these locations know that you only have a temporary license, and find out what they’ll need from you before they’ll agree to let you buy from them.

If any of them hesitate when they hear about your situation, take their hesitation as a sign that maybe another dealership would be better suited for this purchase. The last thing you want is for shady business practices to mess up your credit (or force you into taking home an unsafe vehicle) because someone wanted to take advantage of an inexperienced consumer.

You should ask the dealership if they will help you find insurance for your new car when you have a temporary license.

A good first step would be to contact an insurance agent and see if they can help you find insurance for your vehicle. Ask them how much it will cost, how long it will take, and what information they need from you.

In general, it is hard to get car insurance when you have a suspended or revoked license and thus hard to get a loan when you don’t have insurance.

The answer here is no. In general, it is hard to get car insurance when you have a suspended or revoked license and thus hard to get a loan when you don’t have insurance. This is because people with suspended licenses are considered high-risk drivers, so insurance companies will either deny your claim or charge you an exorbitant amount of money (if they do provide coverage at all). If you are able to get insurance when you have a suspended license, it will be very expensive. You may be able to get a loan from a private lender, but they charge higher interest rates than banks.

It’s best to wait until your license gets reinstated before shopping for a car.

Buying a car with a suspended license is possible, but getting the financing and insurance could be difficult.

You may have to show proof that your license has been reinstated before you can purchase a car.

While it’s possible to buy a car while your license is suspended, it’s best to wait until you have your full driver’s license again before you shop for a car.

Steven Hatman
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