Can You Charge a Car Battery With Another Car

Yes, you can use another car to charge your car’s battery. But this is not a good idea in most cases, and it might even damage the battery. The reason that you can charge a car battery with another car is that the two cars will share electricity through their electrical systems.

If they are close enough to each other, then you should be able to jumpstart your vehicle’s battery. There are some important things to remember before attempting this.

Make sure that both vehicles are off and unplugged from any external power sources. This will prevent any electrical problems or sparks that could cause damage to either vehicle or person.

Ensure that both vehicles have compatible batteries, if one vehicle has an older model battery while the other has a newer model battery, then this won’t work very well at all. If one vehicle has a lead-acid battery while the other has an AGM system they won’t be compatible either way. So check first before trying anything else.

What does it mean to charge a battery?

A battery is a chemical device that stores energy by separating the positive and negative charges of a substance called an electrolyte. When the battery is connected to an external source of electricity, electrons flow through the circuit from one terminal of the battery to another.

While charging a car battery with another car may be possible, it’s not recommended because it will likely damage both vehicles’ electrical systems. And even if you manage to pull it off without any damage, there’s no reason to do so.

The best thing to do is have your vehicle towed to a service center where trained professionals can safely diagnose and repair any issues with your vehicle’s electrical system.

How long will it take to charge the battery?

the charger and the voltage of the battery. If both are 12 volts, then it will take about 10 hours for a fully discharged car battery to charge. If one of them is 6 volts, it will take around 15 hours.

It’s important to note that when a car battery is charging, it heats up. So if you try to charge your battery with another car, there’s a risk that you’ll cause damage to either or both vehicles.

Why you can charge a car battery with another car?

The reason that you can charge a car battery with another car is that the two cars have some of the same components, including a positive terminal and a negative terminal.

The positive terminal on one car connects to the negative terminal on the other, and vice versa. If you’re not sure if your cars have the same type of battery, check your owner’s manual or call your mechanic they’ll be able to tell you.

Disadvantages of Charging a Car Battery with Another Car

The main disadvantage of charging a car battery with another car is that you’ll have to spend time getting the two cars close enough to each other for this to work. Then, you’ll have to disconnect the jumper cables from one car and connect them to the other.

You’ll need to start both cars and let them run for at least 10 minutes before starting the process again. This can be difficult if you’re in a bad spot or if there are other people around you who might get hurt by your actions.

Another disadvantage is that this method can damage both cars’ alternators or cause electrocution if they’re running while being charged.

Charging a Car Battery with Another Car

You need to understand how a car battery works. A standard car battery has six cells. Each cell is connected by two heavy gauge wires that are insulated with rubber and fiberglass.

When you open the hood of your vehicle and look at the battery, these insulating materials will be visible as blackish-green colored insulation around each wire that connects to each cell.


Yes, you can charge a car battery with another car. If one car is running and has a fully charged battery while the other has a dead battery, the second car’s battery will be recharged by the first car’s battery.

If the second car is not running, then it will take longer to charge the second car’s battery because the engine of the first car must run for a longer period of time. If both cars are not running, then it will take even longer to recharge both batteries because they are both drained of electricity.

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