Can You Leave Alcohol in a Hot Car?

If you want to keep your alcohol in a hot car, the first thing you should do is check its temperature. If the temperature is at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit, then your alcohol will be safe to drink.

If it’s hotter than that and less than 90 degrees Fahrenheit, then your alcohol will also be safe. However, if it’s over 90 degrees or below 75 degrees, then you’ll want to take other precautions.

If the temperature of your alcohol is above 90 degrees and below 75 degrees and there are no other options available, then you should consider moving it out of direct sunlight as soon as possible so that it doesn’t continue to heat up or cool down too quickly.

What happens to alcohol in a hot car?

When you keep an open bottle of alcohol in a hot car, the liquid will evaporate over time. The exact amount depends on how warm it is outside and how much of the liquid has already been consumed.

If you let it sit out for too long, though, it will become undrinkable. So no matter what kind of drink you’re keeping cool with us this summer wine or beer or anything else make sure not to forget about it.

Why is it bad to leave alcohol in a hot car?

If you’ve ever left a bottle of wine or beer in your car, you know what happens. The heat from your car’s engine causes the alcohol to evaporate and rise up into the air, creating an unpleasant smell that can be hard to get rid of.

Leaving a bottle of wine in the sun for just 10 minutes can make it smell like vinegar. If you leave your alcohol in a hot car, it will also lose its flavor and change color. This is why it’s important to keep your alcohol cool if you want to enjoy it later.

Do you need to worry about leaving alcohol in a hot car?

If you’re wondering whether or not you need to worry about leaving alcohol in a hot car, the answer is yes. Alcohol can be dangerous in hot weather because it’s flammable.

Leaving a bottle of wine or liquor out in the sun for too long could cause it to catch fire, so it’s best to keep your bottles safely locked away in your trunk.

The effects on your health if you drink it

Your health will be affected if you leave alcohol in a hot car. You can get a headache, nausea, and even dizziness. If you drink it while it is still hot, it could burn your throat and stomach. You might also throw up because of the alcohol level in your body.

The science behind why it’s bad for your drink

Alcohol is composed primarily of water and alcohol, which are derived from carbohydrates and sugars. When you expose those molecules to heat, they begin to break down into smaller pieces and become more volatile.

That makes them easier to evaporate into the air around them, so they’ll be gone faster than if they hadn’t been heated up at all. And when they evaporate too quickly, they leave behind some pretty nasty byproducts of things like acetaldehyde, acetone, or formaldehyde.

So what should you do? If at all possible, don’t leave your wine in your car when it’s hot out—and definitely don’t try to drink it.


The fact is that the temperature of the car is not what matters. What matters is how much alcohol you have, and how long you leave it in the car. The more alcohol you have, and the longer you leave it in the car, the more likely it will be for damage to occur.

Steven Hatman
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