Can You Smell Weed Outside a Car?

Yes, you can. Just as with alcohol, the smell of marijuana lingers in the air and can be detected by police officers with the use of a special device. Some states have passed laws requiring all drivers to submit to a roadside breathalyzer test after being pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving.

There is little doubt that police officers will be able to smell marijuana on your clothes or breath after you’ve been smoking in your car. The question is whether they’ll be able to prove it was you who smoked it and whether they’re legally allowed to search your vehicle for evidence if they do find any.

It’s illegal for police officers to search your car without probable cause or consent from the driver. But in other states like Colorado police officers are allowed to conduct searches when they smell marijuana inside your car as long as they have reasonable suspicion that criminal activity has occurred or is occurring there.

How do you smell?

We all have our own unique olfactory signature, but there are some key factors that can impact the way we smell to others. Your natural scent is influenced by your diet, genetics, and even individual metabolism. But it’s important to remember that what we think of as odor is really just the odorants in our environment the molecules that make up a scent.

In other words, when we say someone smells like weed or cologne, it’s not actually them who smells like weed or cologne. It’s the chemicals in their environment the scented candles they’re burning or the perfume they’re wearing—that give off those notes.

How can you tell if you smell weed outside a car?

It can be hard to tell if you smell weed outside a car. If you’re just walking by someone’s car, it’s not always clear if they’re smoking weed, or just been in a place that smelled like weed at some point. But there are a few signs that will tip you off to the fact that there’s probably marijuana in the car.

If there are windows up and the car is parked in the shade then you should be able to smell it pretty easily. The sun will bake out all those scents, but if it’s shady out and you can’t see into the car, then it’s likely that there is an odor coming from inside.

If there are windows down on both sides of the vehicle and no one has been smoking inside recently, then chances are pretty good that someone was smoking inside earlier today or even last night.

If no one has been smoking inside for hours but it still smells like smoke. That could be another sign that there was marijuana being smoked in here earlier today.

How do you know if someone is smoking weed in their car?

The first sign that someone is smoking weed in their car is obvious they’re smoking weed in their car. You can tell by the smell alone. If a stranger offers to sell you some, don’t take it! It may not be the most reliable source of information, but remember that people who smoke weed tend to be pretty good at spotting other people who smoke weed, so if they seem like they know what they’re talking about they probably do.

Another sign that someone is smoking weed in their car is what we call the eyes. People who smoke weed often have red eyes because marijuana contains THC, which affects blood vessels and makes them dilate.

What does it smell like when you’re smoking weed in your car?

When you smoke outside of your car, you’re more likely to get the full effect of the odor because it’s not being filtered through any windows or vents. That means that the smell will be much stronger than if it were confined to your vehicle.

If you’re smoking inside of your car, however, there are several things that can affect how strong the odor is. If you have tinted windows then they will help filter out some of the smoke so that only a small amount escapes into the atmosphere around you.

If there are any vents around where people would normally sit then those will also filter out some of the smoke so that only a faint aroma remains inside.

Another thing that can affect how strong the odor is whether or not anyone else is in the car with you at that time! If someone else is sitting right next to you then they may notice something


It is clear that there are many ways to tell if you are smelling marijuana smoke. You can tell by the scent of the smoke or by its smell on your clothes or in your hair. If you see someone smoking, you may be able to tell if they’re smoking marijuana from their hand gestures and facial expressions.

You can also look for signs like bloodshot eyes or red eyes. If you suspect someone is smoking marijuana, make sure to tell an adult so they can help keep you safe and informed.

Steven Hatman
Steven Hatman

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