Decoding Car Logos of Racing Champions: See What They Mean

Car logos may have hidden meanings or particular importance for automobile makers. This graphical feature that represents a company’s or organization’s identity serves as a mark of differentiation. “Logotypes” play a vital role in communication, helping to brand, market, and sell a product or service. And it actually works! Car logos are everywhere. 

Some vehicle company emblems are quite simple — a letterform or a pattern — while others are more complicated to read and understand. Automobile emblems sometimes have hidden meanings or have unique importance for the automobile makers. For example, the Audi logo consists of four interlocking rings, which symbolize four separate vehicle firms that joined in 1932 to establish Audi: Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer. But this is not the only fun fact that not all petrolheads may know about. Here are some other interesting stories about famous car logos.


The prancing horse emblem, also known as the “Cavallino Rampante” in Italian, is a captivating visual spectacle. This sleek but dynamic insignia was based on the coat of arms of Count Francesco Baracca. Enzo Ferrari opted to adopt this logo as an homage to Baracca and at his mother’s request for good luck. The prancing horse emanates strength, speed, and elegance, all of which are characteristics associated with Ferrari vehicles. The yellow backdrop, which is commonly paired with the colors of the Italian flag, emphasizes Ferrari’s national identity.

The Ferrari emblem has developed throughout time, but its essential parts have stayed consistent. The prancing horse retains the focus point, conveying a feeling of continuity and identification. Although the typefaces and arrangements have been improved, the emblem’s DNA remains unchanged. The sleek lines of the horse, together with the stunning font, give a feeling of elegance and refinement, which is consistent with Ferrari’s brand strategy. We should admit that although many people rent Ferrari in Dubai and it is one of the popular cars for rent in the UAE, far from everyone knows its story and can decode its logo.

red ferrari 458 italia on road during daytime


This car for rent is extremely popular, but did you know that the Jaguar company originated in 1937? In fact this rental car has a long history.  In June, SS Motor Company formally took over the Sunbeam (Wolverhampton) vehicle enterprise. Sir Lyons had high hopes for an automobile named Sunbeam, which had produced numerous world racing winners and might be considered a “victory” symbol. Unfortunately, certain issues have arisen inside the organization. Finally, they were obliged to discontinue the use of the Sunbeam corporate name. 

Sir Lyons’ surname-the Jaguar-has a distinct pronunciation in several languages; it is named after the World War I flying vehicle. Therefore, it was decided to rename the company and do some rebranding. This is actually how the new logo was born and became famous. It identifies the automobile as a jaguar leap — powerful, dynamic, strong, and courageous. You can check it out yourself in the warm UAE — sunny weather affects the car greatly.


If you hire a car, then you know how tempered and fast Lamborghini is. The car looks amazing on the sleek roads of the UAE; this is one of the reasons to visit Dubai for a weekend. The Lamborghini business logo depicts an entire body full of power poised to unleash a furious attack on its opponent. Lamborghini is known for its stubbornness, which mirrors the qualities of the company’s products, which are high-power, high-speed sports automobiles. The trademark on the front and back eliminates the need for the company’s name, leaving simply obstinate cattle.


The choice of “Cadillac” in the name of the royal nobility to the French explorer, Anthony Simmons, the founder of the American city of Detroit Cadillac, pays homage to the characteristic graphics crown and shield composition. The crown represents the Cadillac family coat of arms, with seven pearls symbolizing royal blue blood. The shield represents Cadillac’s valiant army. The shield is split into four equal halves:

  • The first and fourth deciles are full at the very end of the family coat of arms, with a dark brown stick in the center separating three of the same Blackbird;
  • The three birds represent the shamisen, a holy instrument, as well as the Christian warrior’s boldness and passion, knowledge, wealth, intelligence, and faultless character;
  • The second and third deciles are the result of internal marriages;
  • The last piece of land was added to the Clemens family domain, and these four represent the Clemens coat of arms.

Across the bars, there are depictions of the valiant knights who fought in the Crusades. All in all, Cadillac is a symbol of courage and pride for the forefathers of the founder of Detroit.

Decoding Logos of Your Favorite Cars

It is always so cool to know what the logo of your favorite car means. It doesn’t matter if you are going to buy a Lamborghini or rent a Ferrari, knowing the history of the vehicle is always a good bonus. 

Steven Hatman
Steven Hatman

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