How Much Does It Cost to Reflash a Car Computer?

Reflashing a car computer can be a great way to update your car’s performance and fix problems that have cropped up with the original software. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most expensive things you can do to your vehicle.

Reflashing your car’s computer is an expensive process because it requires manufacturer-approved software for the particular make and model. This means that if you want to reflash your car’s computer, you’ll need to pay for an OEM copy of the software.

The cost of this varies depending on what kind of car you drive and where it was manufactured, but generally speaking, an OEM copy of the software will run around $100-$200 per vehicle.

What is the reflashing a car computer?

Reflashing a car computer is the process of updating the software in your vehicle’s electronic control unit. The ECU controls most of the functions in a modern car, including the engine and transmission, so reflashing it can have a huge impact on how your car operates.

The most important thing to know about reflashing a car computer is that it’s not something you should try at home. If you don’t have experience with this kind of work, there are plenty of professional mechanics who can do it for you. And since this is an advanced task, it will cost more than just having your oil changed.

How does it work?

Reflashing a car computer is one of the easiest, most effective ways to improve your vehicle’s performance. You will need to connect your car to the computer via a software program. This will allow you to check the status of your current configuration and make changes as necessary.

You’ll need to download the correct software from your manufacturer’s website or from an independent provider. Then, follow the instructions for installing this software and running it on your vehicle.

What do you need to reflash a car computer?

You’ll need a laptop or desktop computer with Windows 7 or later and an available USB port. It must be able to run the software for your particular vehicle. If you’re not sure which software you’ll need, talk to your mechanic or check out the website of the manufacturer of your car.

You’ll need to make sure that your car’s battery is disconnected from the rest of the electrical system. This means disconnecting both terminals from their power source (generally through an ignition control unit) or by removing one or more fuses.

Then take care not to touch any of those terminals until you’re ready for them again. Make sure that any other devices connected to your car’s electrical system are unplugged.

Why would you want to reflash it?

A reflash can fix a problem with the vehicle’s emissions system that was caused by an error in the original programming. You can change the way your engine responds to fuel or add features that weren’t included in your original factory programming.

You can increase horsepower and torque for better performance, or decrease them for better fuel economy. You can add new features like Bluetooth connectivity or GPS tracking, which weren’t included in your original factory programming.

What to look for in a reflashing service?

There are different types of flash programs. Some programs are designed for specific makes and models of cars, while others can be used on multiple vehicles. Each program is priced differently.

The type of reflashing service you choose will affect the price. For example, if you want to have your entire vehicle reprogrammed, this will cost more than just updating one particular system.

The amount of labor involved in reflashing a vehicle can influence the cost as well. If there’s a lot of work involved in reflashing your car computer for instance, if there is damage or corrosion on certain components then it may take more time and effort than expected to complete the job correctly.


The cost of reflashing a car computer is about $100 for most cars. However, if you want to get a complete diagnostic done and not just the reflashing, then it will cost you around $200.

Steven Hatman
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