How to Lock a Car in Unturned?

When you lock your car in Unturned, it will require a key to unlock it. To do this, you must first place the key on the ground and then right-click on it. If there is already a key in your inventory, you can use that one instead of dropping one on the ground. Then when you want to open your locked vehicle, simply right-click on its door again and it will open for you.

Unlocking the door

You’ll need to be in a car that has doors, obviously. If you’re in a car with no doors and you want to lock them, you can use the lock button on your keyboard.

Unlocking the trunk

You can unlock your trunk by pressing T on the keyboard. This is useful if you need to make a quick getaway, or if you have been kidnapped and are trying to escape from your kidnappers.

Getting in the car

Getting in the car is easy. The first thing you need to do is find a car. To do this, press F1 and open up your inventory. Then, look for the key icon and click it.

Once you’ve got your keys in hand, head over to the vehicle you want to use and look for the door handle on it. When you find it, right-click on it and select Unlock.

Find the vehicle you want to unlock

To lock a car in Unturned, find the vehicle you want to unlock. If you want to unlock the car that is closest to you, click on it and press E. If you want to unlock a specific car, press M to bring up your map. Use your mouse to select the car and then press E again.

Use a key to open it

To lock your car in Unturned, you’ll need to use a key. You can find keys by searching through the rubble of buildings or on other players’ corpses. If you don’t have one, you can craft one with a lockpick and some metal. To lock your car, hold down the left mouse button while looking at it, then click on the lock icon in the menu that appears.

Park the car and get out

To lock a car in Unturned, park the car and get out. Then open the driver’s side door, close it, and lock it. Get back in your vehicle and drive away.

Set the keys in the ignition

Setting the keys in the ignition is one way to lock a car Unturned. When you do this, you’ll need to make sure to park your car so that it’s easy for the door to open. If you’re playing on a server with other people, it’s best to lock your car in a space where other players can’t get too close to it.


There are many ways to protect your car from thieves and other dangers in Unturned. You can use a padlock or even a garage. You can also get an alarm system or a tracker for your vehicle. If you’re playing on a server with other people, it’s important to be aware of their intentions and whether they’re going to help you protect your stuff or just take it from you. Only trust your friends and never leave items out in the open.

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