How to Tell if Car Has Original Engine?

One easy way to tell if your car has an original engine is by looking at the oil. If the oil is dark brown, it means that it’s probably been sitting in the car for a while and may have been changed more than once. This can be a red flag that there are problems with your engine.

If you’re looking for more accurate information about whether or not your car has an original engine, you can ask a mechanic to examine the vehicle and give you an estimate of its age.

You can also get a certificate from a reputable mechanic that says that your car has had no major repairs done since it was first purchased, but this will cost money, so it might not be worth it if you don’t have any doubts about whether or not your car is in good shape.

What are the benefits of having an original engine?

There are a number of benefits to having an original engine. For one thing, the car will be more reliable and less likely to break down. If you have a car that’s been in your family for several generations, it is likely that the engine is original. That can help you determine how old the car actually is and also how much it’s worth.

Another benefit of having an original engine is that they’re made with better parts than newer ones. This means that they last longer, which means you won’t have to worry about repairing or replacing them as often.

Check the engine serial number

The engine serial number is located on the engine block of most new cars, in a location that’s easy for you to see. The serial number looks something like this CRZWL3023A, and it should include a letter/number combination identifying the model year of your car.

If you don’t see this number, or if it doesn’t match up with what you know about your car’s age, there’s a good chance that the engine was swapped out at some point after your vehicle was manufactured.

Check the engine block casting number

The casting number will be in a three- or four-digit format, with numbers being separated by dashes.123456789 or 123-456789. The number may also have lettering after it; for example, C could indicate that this engine came from Chevrolet, or B could mean Buick.

Look at the number of cylinders

Look at the number of cylinders on the engine. If it’s a V8, chances are that it’s not an original engine. Most original engines were V6s or straight-sixes. If your car looks like it has a V8 underneath the hood, but doesn’t have the correct hood ornament for that model year, chances are good that you have an aftermarket engine in your car.

Check the car’s engine model

Do an internet search for your car’s model and year. Many websites will give you information about the manufacturer and year of manufacture of your vehicle, which can help you determine whether or not it has an original engine.


The best way to tell if a car has an original engine is to look at the parts and their condition. If they’re in good shape, chances are good that the engine is also in good shape. If there are signs of wear or damage, however like rust on the cylinder heads or cracks in the block then it’s likely that the engine was replaced at some point in its life.

Steven Hatman
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