What Do Flashing Yellow Lights on Cop Car Mean?

Flashing yellow lights on a cop car are a sign that they are turning around or changing lanes. This can mean that they are likely to be going in your direction and will pass you soon, or it could mean they are going to turn left or right.

Flashing yellow lights on a cop car also indicate that there is an emergency vehicle behind them and they need to get out of the way quickly. This means that if you see flashing yellow lights directly behind a cop car, you should let them pass immediately or pull over as soon as possible so the emergency vehicle can go by safely.

What are they used for?

The flashing lights are used to alert other drivers that there is a police chase in progress and to give them time to slow down and pull over if they need to. The lights are also used to let other drivers know where the cop car is going so that they don’t get in its way.

If you’re ever driving behind a cop car with flashing yellow lights, it’s important that you do everything possible to avoid distractions while keeping your eyes peeled for any accidents or traffic jams that might occur because of the pursuit.

Why are they used on police cars?

The flashing yellow lights on a police car are meant to indicate that the officer is going to make a turn. The light is also used if the officer wants to let you know that they’re pulling out into traffic after stopping at a red light.

These lights are also used to alert other drivers of a hazard ahead or behind them, such as when they’re turning around or making an emergency stop.

How do they work?

Flashing yellow lights on cop cars are used to warn other drivers that the police are speeding up to catch a speeder. They will flash for a few seconds and then turn off, and they can be used in any situation where the police want to make sure other drivers know they’re coming.

Why should you know about flashing yellow lights?

Flashing yellow lights mean that the police officer behind you is trying to get your attention. They’re not indicating that you’re in trouble or that you’ve done something wrong. They mean something else entirely: they’re letting you know that they are there, and if you have any questions or concerns about something, please don’t hesitate to ask them.

It’s important for everyone to know what flashing yellow lights means because it helps keep people safe. We’ve all seen videos of people ignoring flashing lights and getting into accidents but when we understand what flashing yellow means, we can be more careful on the road.

How can you avoid getting pulled over by flashing yellow lights?

Of course, it’s not always easy to avoid getting pulled over by flashing yellow lights. Sometimes, cops are hiding in the bushes. Other times, they’re parked behind bushes and trees. And then there are those occasions when cops are just sitting in their cars waiting for someone to pass by so they can pull them over.

If you want to avoid getting pulled over by flashing yellow lights, then make sure that you don’t speed up when you see them. It’s tempting we all want to get out of there as quickly as possible but if you speed up, then the cop will know that he or she was successful at getting your attention and will probably pursue further action against you.


The flashing yellow lights on a police car mean that the officer is ready to pull you over. If you see these lights, you should pull over as soon as it is safe.

Steven Hatman
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