What Does the Wrench Light Mean on a Car?

If you’re driving along, and suddenly your dashboard lights up with a wrench, it’s probably not good. The wrench light typically means that something is wrong with your engine, but there are multiple reasons why this can happen.

Check to see if there’s any smoke coming out of the tailpipe. If so, pull over immediately and call someone to come help you. If not, check to see if there’s a fluid leak in the engine compartment or around the engine itself.

If there is, try to fix it before driving again you don’t want to risk getting stranded somewhere because of an issue with your vehicle. If you still have no idea what’s going on after checking for smoke and fluids leaks in the engine compartment and around the engine itself, turn off your car and check inside for any signs of water damage or rust on any parts of the car.

If you find either one of these things, then your car may have been damaged by floodwaters during Hurricane Florence or another natural disaster. You’ll need to take it to a mechanic as soon as possible so they can assess how much damage has been done and let you know how much it will cost to fix.

What does the wrench symbol mean?

The wrench symbol on your car’s dashboard means that there is a problem with your car’s engine, and you should stop driving immediately. The wrench light is usually accompanied by other warning lights, like the engine light or check engine light.

These lights can indicate different problems depending on what type of car you have, but in general, they are all indicators that something is wrong with the engine. If your car has a wrench light, it means that there is an issue with the vehicle’s internal combustion process.

This can be caused by anything from a loose fuel injector to a damaged catalytic converter or even a problem with the exhaust system. Driving with any of these issues can cause serious damage to your engine and may lead to more serious problems later down the line if not addressed immediately.

What do most people do when their wrench light comes on?

The wrench light is a warning that something is wrong with your car. It usually means that you have a problem with the engine, but it could also mean that there’s a problem with your transmission or other components.

Most people will ignore the light and keep driving until they can get the car to a mechanic. They think that the light is just an annoyance when in reality, it’s warning them of an impending breakdown. This can be incredibly dangerous, especially if you’re driving on a highway.

What should you do if you see your wrench light come on after driving for a long time?

If you see the wrench light come on after driving for a long time, it’s a good idea to stop and check your engine. The wrench light is an indicator that there is something wrong with your engine, and it’s best to get it looked at right away.

The wrench light can be accompanied by other lights too: the oil pressure light, which indicates that there is not enough oil in your engine; the battery light, which indicates that your battery needs to be charged; and the alternator light, which indicates that your alternator isn’t working correctly. All of these lights mean that something needs to be fixed before you keep driving.

What are some other important lights that you should know about?

The wrench light is a warning that your car needs some kind of maintenance, and it’s an important one. If your car has a wrench light, you need to take it in for a check-up ASAP.

The wrench light can mean different things depending on the type of car you have and what it’s doing when the light comes on. It could be an indication of low oil levels, a problem with your battery, or even a warning about your brakes.

So when your wrench light comes on and stays on, don’t ignore it. That little light might be trying to tell you something important about how safe your car is to drive so don’t let it down by ignoring it.


If you have a wrench light on your car and don’t know what it means, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. All of these lights are normal in some cases, but it’s always good to be aware of what they mean so you can stay safe on the road. You can also use the free app to check for other warning signs or issues with your car.

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