What Happens if Your Tour Bus Gets Into an Accident? 

Tour buses are a great way to see the sights and learn a few things along the way. When you’re visiting a new city, especially one with a lot of famous people and places, it’s customary to take a tour via bus to learn new things and get acquainted with the city. What happens then if you end up injured in an accident while on the tour bus? How do you go about getting compensation for your injuries and where do you turn for help? 

We’re here to help answer these questions and more so that if you find yourself in this situation you’ll know what to do and how to go about getting compensated and focusing on your recovery. 

Be Careful What You Sign

While it won’t happen every time, some companies or buses will ask you to sign a waiver before boarding. If this happens to you, you may want to reconsider getting on board. Any respectable tour bus company will have liability insurance in the event that a passenger is injured. Furthermore, depending on the nature of the accident, signing a waiver could leave you paying out of pocket for injuries and losses after an accident. 

Figuring Out Who is at Fault 

If an accident happens while you are on a tour bus, what you will do next will be determined by what type of accident it was and who can be held legally liable

The first few steps will remain the same regardless of who is at fault for the accident. You’ll want to start by making sure you are ok and getting medical treatment for your injuries. This way you know the extent of your injuries and you’ve had them seen about before they get any worse. 

Next, you’ll want to contact a personal injury attorney. No matter what type of accident you are in, they will be able to advise you as to your next course of action and how they are going to help you with getting compensation for your injuries. 

If the fault of the accident is from someone hitting your tour bus, you would be building a case to sue them for damages. This process proceeds similar to how a normal accident case would. Your attorney will help you with gathering evidence and documentation, proving fault and dealing with the opposing counsel and insurance company. 

If the accident is caused by the driver of your tour bus, that’s where things can get more complicated. Depending on any documentation you signed before going on the tour, you may have difficulty getting compensation for your injuries. Most companies will have some form of liability insurance that should care for passengers in the event of an accident, but this may not cover the full extent of your injuries, in which case you’ll need an attorney to help you proceed with suing the tour company and working through any legal issues that may come up. Regardless of who is at fault, as a passenger on the tour bus, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries. 


What happens after your tour bus gets into an accident will depend on who is at fault for the accident, but the first step is to always get your injuries seen to and to acquire legal counsel for the case moving forward. 

A personal injury attorney is the best chance you have for getting fair and adequate compensation for your injuries after your tour bus accident. They will deal with the other lawyers and insurance companies involved to make sure that you are treated fairly and that your rights are upheld at all times. 

Steven Hatman
Steven Hatman

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