When Should a Brand New Car Get Its First Oil Change?

Bear in mind that an oil change is a very important part of keeping your car running smoothly. Oil lubricates the engine and keeps it cool, so without it, the engine would overheat and become damaged. Oil also collects particles that can negatively affect how well the engine performs, which is where changing the oil comes into play.

Even if you don’t drive much, it’s still important to get your oil changed periodically because 75 percent of all engine damage has been attributed to insufficient or contaminated oil from failed maintenance practices. In other words: a functioning engine will not just appear out of thin air after years and years of neglecting an oil change for your car (even if you purchased said car brand new).

Oil change for a new car

You just bought a brand new car! Congratulations. Now, you’re wondering when your new car needs its first oil change, right? That’s something all owners of new cars think about. Your first oil change is an important milestone in the life of your vehicle, and it can help determine how long your car will be on the road, so checking your owner’s manual for the correct mileage to bring your car in for its first oil change is essential. Most U.S. automakers recommend you bring a new vehicle in after 3,000 miles; however, there may be exceptions depending on the type of car you purchased.

Do I need an oil change on a brand new car?

If you just walked out of the dealership with a brand new car, you may be wondering if your car needs an oil change. The answer is no, it absolutely does not. In fact, most manufacturers recommend that you do not change the oil in your car until within 1,000 miles of owning it. This goes for all makes and models of cars.

As long as you had a pre-delivery inspection done by the dealer prior to driving off the lot with your new car (which should be mandatory for all dealerships), then there shouldn’t be much to worry about regarding a malfunctioning engine or any other problems caused by old oil. Yes, even if you got the base model that came without synthetic oil in its engine.

So why are automakers wary when it comes to changing your new car’s oil? It’s because they want to protect their warranties. If something were to go wrong on a brand new vehicle and it was found that an outside mechanic changed the oil before 1,000 miles, then you could be denied warranty coverage…

When you get your first oil change depends on the type of car you drive.

When you get your first oil change depends on the type of car you drive. Some cars need to have their oil changed more often than others. Most cars need an oil change after 3000 miles, and some even need it after 5000 miles.

If you can wait a little bit longer, then that’s not a problem. That’s what manufacturers are there for. They want you to keep your car running as long as possible so they can sell more of them. Manufacturers really want you to buy more stuff from them every year because they make money when there’s a boom in sales, which happens when companies realize that people are buying a lot of things from them like new clothes or shoes or even new cars or boats or whatever it is that people buy these days.

But if for some reason this isn’t okay with you, then please go ahead and do it now so we don’t have to worry about your engine dying on us at 4:00 in the morning when we’re trying to make our way home after work and we’re stuck trying to find an open gas station and we’re all thinking about the same thing—how much will this be?

Steven Hatman
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