Where Is the Alternator in a Car?

The alternator is located in the front of the engine compartment, and it’s connected to the engine through a pulley. It’s a little box that’s usually mounted on top of the engine block, and it contains a belt that runs around two pulleys—one on either side of the alternator.

The belt connects to a fan belt (which runs around another pulley) that powers your car’s cooling system.

Alternator location varies on make, model and engine type.

The location of your alternator will vary depending on whether you have an engine with a front or rear-mounted radiator.

If your car has a front-mounted radiator, then the alternator will be located behind the engine on the passenger side. However, if your car has a rear-mounted radiator, then the alternator will be located in front of the engine and behind the air filter compartment.

On most cars the alternator is located towards the front of the engine.

On most cars, the alternator is located towards the front of the engine.

It will usually be near one of these components:

  • The battery
  • The power steering pump
  • The air filter housing or glove box assembly (if equipped)
  • An air conditioning compressor on a non-a/c car (if equipped) 5. A water pump on non-v8 models

Most alternators are located on either the passenger’s side or driver’s side.

The alternator is located on either the passenger’s side or driver’s side of the engine. It may be near the front of the engine or it may be under a cover that you must remove to find it, but most alternators are visible from above the car’s engine.

The alternator is usually visible from above the engine.

You can usually see the alternator from above, but it’s also possible to see it from other angles.

If you’re looking at the front of your engine, for example, you can see it as a large box-shaped component that may be partially covered by other parts on top of or around your engine..


A car’s alternator is located on the front end of the engine. It’s usually attached to the top of the engine block or radiator, and it’s usually covered in a black grille.

The alternator is a component that generates electricity for your car’s battery. The battery stores this electricity so that you can use it later when you turn on your headlights or other electrical components.

The alternator also sends current to your vehicle’s electrical system while your engine is running, which keeps all of your lights and other accessories working when you’re driving.

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