Why is my AC light blinking in my car

If the ac light on your dashboard blinks in weird patterns or turns off, you need to find out why. Here are five of the most common reasons that can cause your air conditioner light to blink.

5 Reasons why AC light is blinking in your car

1. Lack of refrigerant

Your air conditioning system uses refrigerant to help cool your car. If it is low, then it may cause the AC light to blink on and off at regular intervals until you get more or lose cold air completely. You might also notice a drop in power while driving. If this happens, pull over and shut down the engine for about thirty minutes to let everything reset itself fully.

2. Bad blower motor resistor

If the wiring in your car is faulty, then it may cause the AC light to blink on and off. When you have a bad blower motor resistor that’s part of the electrical system that controls how much power goes to each speed level of your fan. This means if it fails, the AC light will blink every time you step on the gas pedal, slowing down or speeding up depending on its current state. In order to fix this issue completely, you need to replace the blower motor resistor as well as any other electrical part that’s malfunctioning.

3. Bad compressor clutch or a faulty door switch

If your AC light blinks every time you turn the ignition key, it usually means that your compressor is bad and needs to be replaced. It may also mean that you have a broken door switch which causes the whole system to shut down even though the light will still blink since it’s actually working for this one purpose only. In order to fix this problem, check if there are any exposed wires near the engine area and repair them if possible before spending money on a new compressor.

4. Malfunctioning speed sensor

A malfunctioning speed sensor can cause your AC light to blink as well. Usually, it will blink in patterns which may be different from those that the compressor causes. This usually happens when you try and increase or decrease fan speeds and all of a sudden they switch to another level instead of following your command because it’s not receiving any signals from the car’s computer due to a faulty speed sensor. You need to fix this ASAP since it also affects how many MPG (miles per gallon) you get while driving in addition to everything else mentioned above

5. Problem with electrical systems

If there are too many things with your electronic systems that cause the AC light to blink on and off, you need to consider looking into the reason why they are messing up all of a sudden since it might be dangerous for both you and other people on the road if everything goes haywire while driving around. If this is what is happening, find out how much money you have saved up in order to visit a mechanic as soon as possible before something even more serious happens.

Steven Hatman
Steven Hatman

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