Why Is My Car Rolling Backwards While in Drive?

If your car rolls backward while in drive, it could be a sign that something is wrong with the transmission. If you feel like your car is rolling back when it should be moving forward, it’s important to check the transmission, as this is often the cause of the problem.

The transmission is the part of your car that makes sure that the wheels are turning at the same time and in the same direction as everything else. When there’s a problem with this, it can cause issues with forwarding motion and potentially even backward motion.

If you think your transmission might be malfunctioning, take your car in for an inspection immediately! You’ll need to have someone look under the hood and see what’s going on inside so they can give you advice about what steps to take next.

Make sure the emergency brake is off

The emergency brake is an important safety feature in your car, but it’s also a source of confusion. So let’s take a look at why your car rolls backward while in drive and how you can fix it.

Make sure that the emergency brake is off. If it’s not, this could be causing your car to roll back when you press on the gas pedal. Check to make sure that there isn’t any sand or dirt on the wheels of your vehicle.

If there is, use a towel to wipe away as much as possible before attempting to drive again.

Make sure the transmission is in neutral

Make sure the transmission is neutral. If it’s not, the engine will be engaged and you’ll have a little bit of momentum as soon as you step on the gas pedal. This can cause the car to roll backward.

This is a common mistake that can be made when driving a car with an automatic transmission. If you’re used to driving a car with a manual transmission, you’re probably used to using your foot as the emergency brake. But if you’re in an automatic, that’s not how it works.

The car is rolling backward because of a mechanical problem

The parking brake is on, and the driver is driving with the parking brake on. The driver has accidentally shifted into reverse instead of drive. The car is in neutral, but the gearshift indicator says it’s in drive.

A bad transmission shifter cable A bad transmission shifter switch A bad neutral safety switch.

Common causes of a car rolling backward

You may be driving on an incline. This can cause your car to roll back if you’re not paying attention to the road conditions or following the right procedures when using your brakes.

Your transmission might be stuck in reverse or neutral, and you’re not aware of it. You should always double-check that your car is in drive before you start driving anywhere, especially if you’ve just gotten out of an accident or if you’ve been parked for a while without driving anywhere else first!

You might have some kind of mechanical issue that’s causing your car to move in unexpected ways. If something got stuck under your tire and it’s causing it to spin faster than usual.

How to fix a car rolling backward in the drive?

When your car rolls backward when you’re trying to drive, it could be that you have a problem with the clutch or the gearbox. The clutch is what makes it so that you can change gears without having to stop your car. If you’re having problems shifting gears, then you may need to replace the clutch.

The gearbox is what transfers power from your engine to the wheels of your car. If there’s something wrong with this part of your vehicle, then you’ll experience problems like rolling backward while in drive because it will not be able to deliver enough power to your wheels.

Check your tires to make sure they aren’t deflated. If they are, fill them up with air as soon as possible. Check your brakes by putting the car into neutral and trying to roll forward if it doesn’t roll, there’s a good chance that one of your brake pads is broken or worn down.

You’ll need to get those fixed before driving again. If none of these steps work and you still can’t drive forward, then there may be something wrong with your transmission or differential gears.

You should take it to an auto shop for an inspection before continuing with any other repairs on your vehicle.


The problem you’re having with your car rolling backward while in the drive is likely a result of one of three things. The transmission is not engaging properly. The brake is not working properly. The clutch is not engaging properly.

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