Why Put a Plastic Bag on Your Car Mirror?

When you drive with a plastic bag on the side mirror, it allows you to wipe away dust and debris that might get into the car as you drive. It also helps keep the inside of your car from getting dirty while you’re driving, especially if there are no windows in the back seat area or if those windows don’t open.

Putting a plastic bag on your car’s rear-view mirror helps reduce wind turbulence, which can make driving safer and more enjoyable. By reducing drag, the bag also helps improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions which means that you can feel good about yourself while you’re saving the planet.

The Benefits of Placing a Plastic Bag on Your Car Mirror

It will reduce the glare from the sun, making it easier for you to see what is happening around you. This is especially useful if you drive at night and want to be able to see well when there are no streetlights or car headlights around you.

Placing a plastic bag on your windshield can help keep out dust or dirt while driving through dirt roads or fields where there may be bugs flying around as well as dust blowing up from the ground below them this will also help prevent damage to your vehicle’s paint job if any of those things happen while driving around outside without any protection over them.

You can use it as an emergency bandage in case someone gets hurt while traveling with them inside their car it will keep any blood stains off their clothes until they can get home safely, allowing them time to contact 911 or another medical professional about what happened before removing anything from their body first.

How to Place a Plastic Bag on the Car Mirror?

The best way to place a plastic bag on your car mirror is to start by finding a good spot for it. You want to make sure that you can see the mirror from inside of the car, but also that it’s not obstructing any part of your vision.

Look at the mirror from inside of the vehicle and try to find a place where you can still see through it without having to move your head around too much. Once you’ve found a good spot, place the plastic bag over the top of that area as best as possible while still allowing you to see through it.

Why keep a plastic bag in your car mirror?

Placing a plastic bag on your car mirror is a great way to keep it clean and free of debris. The bag will prevent anything from landing on the windshield while you’re driving, so you don’t have to worry about getting any bugs or leaves in your way.

It’s also a good idea to keep a plastic bag on your mirror if you live in an area where it snows often, as it will help protect the glass from snow buildup. You can also use a plastic bag on your car mirror as an alternative to using windshield wipers when it rains or snows heavily.

This is an excellent way to conserve energy and save money but only works if you are able to see through the raindrops that accumulate on the inside of the window.

What is the purpose of a plastic bag on your car mirror?

A plastic bag on your car mirror can serve many purposes. It can protect the inside of your car from rain, wind, and snow, which can cause damage to your car’s paint job. It can also help to keep the inside temperature down by preventing sunlight from entering through windows and heating up the interior of the vehicle.

It can help to keep bugs away from your windshield so that you don’t have to spend time cleaning them off later on in the day. If you choose a light-colored bag, it will reflect UV light away from your eyes and reduce glare when driving during hours of peak sunshine exposure.

Are there any other uses for this technique?

The first is to keep your car mirror from fogging up. If you’ve ever been driving in the winter and found yourself unable to see through your mirror because it’s fogged over, you’ll know how frustrating it can be.

You can use the plastic bag as an emergency windshield repair kit (if you have a puncture). The plastic will hold its shape better than tape would and at least give you some time to get to a repair shop.

If you don’t have any WD-40 handy, place a plastic bag over a squeaky hinge and spray with WD-40 from inside the bag until it stops squeaking.


You might think the idea of putting a plastic bag on your car mirror is silly, but it’s actually a great way to keep your car clean and organized. It helps you stay focused on the road because it keeps all of your loose items contained in one place, so you don’t have to worry about them flying around or bouncing off into the passenger seat. The plastic bag will also help keep other drivers from getting distracted.

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