Why Won’t My Car Jack Go Down?

The lifting mechanism is a combination of a hydraulic pump and a rod that extends under the vehicle to lift it up.

If something has gotten stuck in this mechanism, you can try to free it by rotating the rod manually.

If your car jack still doesn’t work, then there might be a problem with the hydraulic pump itself.

It’s important to get this problem fixed as soon as possible so that you don’t risk damage to your vehicle or yourself.

How to fix a broken car jack that won’t go down?

Make sure that the handle of the jack is all the way down. If not, it will be impossible for you to open the latch and lower it further.

If your car jack still won’t go down even after checking that it’s all the way down, then you may need to check if there’s any dirt or dust underneath it.

You can do this by opening the hood of your car and looking underneath where the jack should be.

If there’s any dust or dirt in that area, then you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean out any debris that might be preventing your jack from working properly.

If neither of these steps worked for you and your car jack is still broken after trying them both, then we recommend contacting a professional mechanic.

The car jack has lost its power

When a car jack loses its power, it can be difficult to get your vehicle up in the air again.

You can try raising the car jack with another jack, but this is not always a successful strategy.

The jack isn’t mechanically connected to the car

This is because the jack itself isn’t connected to anything on your vehicle except for its base.

The way these jacks work is by raising an internal piston that pushes against oil inside the cylinder that causing it to rise up and support weight on the ground.

When you press down on a hydraulic floor jack, this is what causes it to lower again the piston expands back out of its original position and allows oil to flow into another chamber where it pushes against a piston head this lowers the jack until you release pressure or stop turning the handle.

If something happens during this process that prevents oil from flowing from one chamber into another, then it will stop working entirely since there is no longer any pressure being generated by your engine or motor at all times due to a lack of fuel supply needed for combustion.

Why do you need a car jack?

You need this because your car has to be jacked up to change tires, replace brake pads, or otherwise work on the underside of your vehicle.

That’s where our team comes in we’re here to help! In this article, we’ll tell you why you need a car jack, how to use one safely, and how our team can help you with all of it.

How does a car jack work?

As you may have guessed, it has to do with the type of car jack that you’re using.

If your car jack is an extension-type jack that is, it’s a long metal rod with a crank at one end and a foot pedal at the other you need to make sure that the rod has enough space between its base and your car so that when you turn the crank, it can slide back and forth freely.

This will allow for smooth operation as well as maximum stability during use.

If your car jack is a hydraulic jack, then you need to make sure that oil or grease has been applied to all moving parts before use.

This will ensure smooth operation and help prevent damage from occurring due to friction between metal surfaces rubbing against each other during use.

The jack is loose and needs to be tightened

Check that you’ve properly attached the jack to the car’s frame. If it looks tight, try loosening and tightening the jack until it feels secure.

If this doesn’t work, check that there aren’t any obstructions under the car or around its wheels, which could prevent the jack from working properly.


It’s really important to make sure you’re using the correct tools for your car jack.

If you don’t have the right tool, it can be dangerous and difficult to get your car up in the air.

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