Career Change for Truck Drivers: 5 Alternative Career Options

The truck driver job is high paying and flexible, so many decide to enter this industry. However, due to individual reasons, they choose to go for a career change. The truck driver career path offers many fruitful opportunities. This post shares the five alternative career options for truck drivers needing change. 

Career options for truck drivers

1. Warehouse worker

A warehouse worker aids operations by tracking lot numbers, picking products from shelves or trucks, and packing them. This job includes many moving around, so it might be a good change for a truck driver. The position requires no special training and minimum high school education. 

2. Bus driver

If you want to change careers but still want to take advantage of the CDL, driving a bus might be your ideal option. Bus drivers transport passengers locally and between states, so you can choose the one that meets your needs. Even though this job also includes long hours of sitting, some prefer it over a truck driving job because of no overnight stays. Bus drivers can return home after completing their shifts.

3. Driving Instructor

An experienced trucker can help shape the next generation of truck drivers. A driving instructor will prepare e-learning materials, teach students, and do tests to assess their skills. The job includes both driving and indoor work, achieving the perfect balance. Instructors can choose whether they want to work full-time or part-time.

4. Forklift operator

Forklift operators transport heavy materials from production into warehouses and trucks. They work in a factory or warehouse and primarily work full-time. The additional tasks for this job are equipment maintenance, tracking lot numbers, and monitoring inventory. The forklift operators are required to have a certificate, which the employer provides.

5. Dispatcher

A dispatcher’s job is to manage fleets and direct trucks. They will create a route for the specific delivery and assign calls to the proper vehicles and drivers. Truck drivers already know the courses and the industry, so they are the ideal candidates for this job. They will work in an office in a dispatch center and can decide on a ful time or part-time arrangement. 

Why truck drivers change their career

Truck drivers might want to change their job due to their disadvantages. Some don’t like the fact they are away from home. Others don’t like the loneliness that comes with it. In addition, we explain the most common reasons for a career change. 

Not enough free time

A full-time driving career leaves no free time for drivers. Whether they want time for relaxation, family, or a hobby, they find that trucking doesn’t leave much space for other activities. Drivers feel like their job is taking up space and don’t have time for their personal life.

Low pay

Some truck drivers might not like their pay. At the same time, truck drivers begin their career journey with a starting wage. Experienced truck drivers will earn more, but it is important to note that the salary can differ depending on the location.

Long hours of sitting

The truck driving job is related to long hours of sitting. Drivers can experience back pain because they have little time to stop and stretch their bodies. While many truck drivers use their spare time for physical activity, others might prefer a job that includes more time on their feet.

Exploring different industries

Some individuals prefer to switch industries to explore something new. They wish to see if other industries might better fit them.

Steven Hatman
Steven Hatman

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