Don’t panic. What should I do if I have an accident in a rented car?

An accident on the road is always unpleasant, even if no one was injured, and the damage to the car is minimal. If you get into an accident in your own car, you usually know what to do. But an accident on a rented vehicle often poses a number of difficult questions to the driver. What amount do you need to give per hour or day to the renting company in Dubai or other towns? What person is supposed to pay for the resulting damage? Who will cover the damage from the accident? What should I do if the driver of a rented car is the culprit of an accident? Let’s figure it out.

What to do in case of an accident on a rented car

Anyone can get into an unpleasant situation on the road. Car owners, as a rule, know how to act in such circumstances. However, in a case when you hire a car, the situation is a bit different bacause if the vehicle is rented, you can get confused and panic. No matter, you chose van rental Dubai, or rented a supercar, all the primary actions are the similar. To prevent this from happening, you need to follow the step-by-step instructions clearly:

  • turn on the emergency alarm, find the triangular icons in the trunk and put them on the road indicating the place of the accident;
  • report the incident to the police, if necessary, call an ambulance;
  • call the company that rented the car (this must be done no later than 2 hours after the incident);
  • prepare all necessary documents for the vehicle and driving license for verification;
  • carefully read the police report, take a picture of it, sign it, only in full agreement with the content.

This is a universal scheme of action that must be followed, regardless of where, when and under what circumstances a traffic incident occurred.

Who will reimburse the damage

All the cars offered for rent are insured for the risk of “damage” type. Even if the driver of the rented car is the culprit of the accident, the insurance company must compensate for the losses caused. But if the insurance does not cover the real damage, you will have to pay the difference. You should also know that the rental price usually includes civil liability insurance for the person who is driving the rented car. Therefore, rental car drivers often have more reliable protection from financial problems due to an accident than vehicle owners who find themselves in a similar situation. The customer is responsible for the vehicle he has taken. But his liability usually does not exceed the deposit amount. Exceptions are cases of gross traffic violations, drunk driving and other serious offenses. The above is true for situations where the driver of the rented car is the culprit of the accident. If the fault for the accident lies with another road user, the customer is not obliged to pay for damage to the rental car as a result of this incident.

Procedure in case of an accident

A car rental agreement usually contains detailed instructions in case of an accident. They are quite simple. The driver must immediately report the accident to the appropriate service, inform the rental company, and perform all the actions specified in the traffic regulations in case of an accident. Remember that you will be informed about any situation that may occur and will get constant support in case contacting reliable rental companies like Violation of any of the points of this algorithm may lead to the insurer refusing to pay compensation, and this obligation will fall on the tenant. In general, a rental car driver may be responsible for the consequences of an accident in the following cases:

  • there are no documents from the traffic police confirming his innocence in what happened;
  • there is no defendant who caused the damage (for example, in case of damage or theft of the car or its components).

Remember that being careful on the road and following traffic rules significantly reduces the likelihood of getting into an accident.

Important nuances when choosing a car rental company

Carefully read the lease agreement and do not hesitate to clarify all the controversial points about signing the contract.

Choose only a legal car rental, pay attention to the reviews of real customers. The procedure for issuing a standard contract will require the tenant to have a category B driver’s license, passport and minimum driving experience.

All the nuances of behavior in a traffic accident are spelled out in the contract that the client enters into with the car rental agency. If some point seems unclear, the company manager can clarify its content. A clear understanding of your rights and procedures in emergency situations helps to keep calm and minimize damage.

Steven Hatman
Steven Hatman

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