How much is the average cost for front brake job

The average cost for a brake job ranges from $100 to $200 but can be more depending on your vehicle. The price per hour is usually calculated by the mechanic and includes labor costs for replacing the pads or rotors, installing hardware, adjusting brakes, or any other necessary repairs that are needed.

The article goes on to explain what happens during a front brake job and some things owners should look out for while they’re driving so they know when their front brakes need attention.

Front brake pads are typically located on the driver’s side in front of the tire and they require replacement when they are worn out or cracked. The front brakes on your car do more than steer the vehicle; they also slow it down when you stop.

Why you should replace the front brake on car?

The front brake pads are designed to wear out before the rear brakes. If you drive your car too long with worn-out front brake pads, they may gouge or damage the rotor. This can reduce braking power and leave you with replacement costs that are much steeper than replacement brake pads alone.

Symptoms that indicate front brake replacement

There is a common warning sign before your brakes wear out, which is squeaky noises when you press the brake pedal.

For example, if your car seems to be pulling one way or vibrating at highway speed, that’s a sign that your tires are out of balance, which can cause uneven wear on your front brakes. This is an indicator that all-metal brake pads might not last much longer and need replacement soon.

What is involved in front brake replacement?

If you get a brake job it typically involves replacing the pads and possibly the rotors. Sometimes the hardware such as calipers or drums need to be replaced, too. This can cost additional money and should take about 2 hours of labor to complete.


A front brake job is one of the most important repairs you can get. If your breaks are worn, chances are you might have to deal with other costly repair costs down the road, so it’s best to take care of them before they cause more damage.

Steven Hatman
Steven Hatman

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