How to dry your brakes

Drying wet brakes is an easy task that you can do yourself if needed. It does not always require taking it to the mechanic for this particular service since there are simple techniques that you can follow in order to successfully dry your brake system.

Whenever moisture gets into parts of car components, corrosion and rust affect them. Corrosion occurs because water has contacted steel or iron; other contaminants like salt will make things worse too. This should be prevented as soon as possible. You can help prevent this at home by using materials that absorb humidity towels soaked with water.

4 ways to dry wet brakes?

Activate your car’s alarm: activate the car alarm and leave it on for a minute. This idea is only practical if you drive a vehicle that has an alarm system that can be activated by remote control.

Heating towels: This method requires the use of waffle towels or microwavable towels. You will also require two buckets, one filled with water, the other empty; sow e thermo-sensitive pads; paper towel s; rubber bands. Place one hot towel in each bucket. After this step, take out all the tires from the wheels and dip them in both buckets containing hot water. Now place one warmed-up tire at a time on either side of the wheel. Connect them together using a rubber band. Place one paper towel on top of each tire and connect it with another rubber band.

Place towels: you can also place two hot, microwavable towels over the tires (on top of the brakes) and leave them there for about 15 minutes; make sure they do not burn or damage your car’s paintwork; repeat the procedure if they cool down before this time elapses.

Aluminum foil: make two aluminum foil balls, put them on the wheels (on top of the brakes), and leave them there for about 30 minutes. Overcome the force of gravity by turning your steering wheel from left to right several times after doing this. Repeat this procedure if needed.

Remove the aluminum foil balls, clean them and use them for other purposes (other than drying wet brakes).

Blow dryer: with this method, you need to point the hairdryer at each part of your car’s wheels (brakes) in order to make it dry faster; avoid burning or damaging any parts. Another useful idea is to put newspaper under your tires (before heating them up). This step will prevent grease stains on hardwood floors.

Steven Hatman
Steven Hatman

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