Why do brakes squeak in the morning?

Every car owner knows how frustrating the sound of a squeaky brake can be, especially in the morning when you just want to go out on a drive instead of re-tightening your brake cables. It is not surprising that many drivers jump to the wrong conclusions and blame their lack of knowledge about cars on any noises they hear, accusing brakes of being faulty before even getting out of the vehicle.

In reality, most squeaking is caused by a lack of lubrication on the brake pads and not your brake cables. In fact, tightening the brakes is only a temporary solution as you will have to re-do it later that day or in a few days’ time. If you want to get rid of brake squeaking for good, you should seek a professional mechanic’s assistance.

5 Common reasons due to your brakes squeak in the morning

In the meantime, here are some reasons why brakes squeak in the morning:

Corrosion on brake pads

Corrosion on brake pads and discs [the dark part of your brake] occurs when moisture from rain or dew evaporates throughout the night while your vehicle is parked outside. In cold conditions, the water turns into ice that adheres to the surface of your brake discs and pads. As you start driving off in the morning, brake pads will not be able to stop your car in its tracks because they lack lubrication. This is when you hear a squeaking noise.

Pads not moving freely

Brake rotors are usually made of steel but have a thin layer of other metal at their surface to reduce wear. When brake pads are not able to move freely on the surface of your brake rotor, they will start squeaking.

Debris underneath brake pads

If you apply your brakes while your car is stationary but can hear a squeak every time you release the pedal, this could mean that debris has built up underneath your brake pads. A good way to solve this problem is to take your car for a quick drive around the block so that all dirt and grime are cleared from underneath your brakes.

Installation of brake pads

If you just changed the brake pads or discs on your vehicle, you might need to bed-in the new ones by driving slowly in a straight line while pressing lightly on your brake pedal. This will help new brake components wear down so that they contact your rotors evenly. If you were to drive off normally, this would cause uneven wear and generate a squeaking sound.

Brake not fully released

Another common reason why brakes squeak in the morning is when you do not fully release the brakes after driving off. This will cause your brake pads to rub against the rotor and generate a squeaking sound that is proportional to how firmly you are pressing on the brake pedal.


If none of these reasons seem to be behind your annoying morning brake squeak, then it might be time for you to go car shopping. It could also mean that there is something wrong with your brake system that needs to be diagnosed by an automotive professional.

It is usually caused by moisture evaporating around your car throughout the night, leaving corrosion on brake pads and discs.

If you are worried that your brakes might not be in perfect condition or if you do not have much experience working on cars, it is time to call a car mechanic.

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