How to Put a Car in Neutral Without a Key?

It’s easy to put a car in neutral without a key, but you need to know how to do it safely. If you don’t know what you’re doing, or if you’re not careful, the engine could start running and cause the car to roll away from you.

Open the door

Look for a lever or button on the side of the car that opens the hood. This is usually located on the driver’s side of the car, next to the windshield wipers. Pull this lever or button to open the hood. If there is no lever or button, you’ll have to look around for something else that will open it often it’s another lever or button on top of the hood or even just a latch that you pull down.

Find the ignition switch

The ignition switch is found in the steering column of most cars. If you are looking for it, use a screwdriver to take off the cover over the steering column and look inside. You will see a small metal rod with a button on it. That’s your ignition switch.

To put your car in neutral without a key, you need to push down on that button as you turn off the engine. If you have trouble getting enough pressure on the button, try using something like a pen or pencil to give yourself more leverage.

Turn off the ignition switch

Turn off the ignition switch. This is a simple step, but it’s important to remember that you should always turn off your car before putting it in neutral. In fact, some experts recommend turning off your engine and engaging the parking brake for the best results.

Put the car in neutral

To put your car in neutral, start by finding the parking brake. You’ll usually find it on your left foot, but if you’re in an older car, it might be on the right. If you can’t find it, try looking under your dashboard.

Put the emergency brake on

Put the emergency brake on and engage the parking brake if possible; this will help keep your vehicle from rolling when you turn the engine off or start it up again later on.

Reverse gear

Shift into reverse gear by pressing down firmly on the gas pedal until you hear a click sound coming from underneath your vehicle. If you don’t hear a click sound coming from underneath your vehicle, try putting it into neutral instead of reverse gear by pressing down firmly on both pedals together at once until they click into place together as one unit left foot presses down on the accelerator while right foot presses down on break at the same time.


There you have it you should now be able to put a car in neutral without a key. This is an important skill that you can use if you’re ever in a situation where you need to get yourself out of the driver’s seat, but don’t have access to your keys.

Steven Hatman
Steven Hatman

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