Renting a Car in Dubai: What to Do Before and After Renting

To ensure freedom of movement abroad, you should rent a car. For a beginner, this process may seem quite intimidating, but in reality, it is not so scary. Believe me, after trying it once you will understand what the thrill is and, quite likely, you will join the ranks of auto travelers. If you’ve decided to spend your vacation in Dubai, renting a car will allow you to visit even more spectacular sights. Furthermore, if you pick an exotic car rental, you will have the amazing pleasure of driving an exciting and fast automobile on the gorgeous Dubai roads.

What does the cost of the service depend on?

The attractive figure you see on the website usually only includes basic insurance and a certain (rarely unlimited) mileage. There are many additional options that you will have to pay for:

  • Full insurance that relieves the tenant of liability regardless of the amount of damage.
  • Surcharge if the driver is under a certain age or has little experience (insurance for such clients is more expensive).
  • “Second driver” service – the ability to take turns driving the car. In this case, the insurance applies to both.
  • Rental of a car seat (up to 10 euros per day), navigator, etc.
  • Travel to another country.
  • Receiving and returning a car at different points (so-called one-way rental).
  • Exceeding the maximum mileage (on average 20-50 cents for each additional kilometer).

If you were initially offered one price, but the office tells you another, ask the manager why this happened. You can refuse almost any service if it is not needed or the cost does not suit you.

What do you need to know before signing a contract?

Tips for renting a car for the first time can protect you from unexpected costs and troubles. Check the following items before signing an automobile rental agreement:

  • What should you do if your rented automobile breaks down or is involved in an accident?
  • What type of fuel is appropriate for the chosen brand, and how much should be left in the tank before returning the car?
  • Is there anything else the car can do?

If you have never driven the brand you are renting, learn how to use the seats, mirrors, radio system, and other features.

Before you get behind the wheel

When you sign the appropriate contract to rent a car, there are two things you should be aware of.

First, read the contract; it explains all of the lease’s terms, as well as the restrictions and consequences for violating them. The contract, for example, must specify the vehicle’s daily mileage, the possibility of transferring the vehicle to another driver, restrictions on driving outside of the city or area, and other data.

Second, as previously said, check the vehicle with a rental agent. All discovered faults, paintwork damage, cracks, chips, and other deformations will be documented in the document, preventing arguments after the rental time.

That is to say, the best way to prevent unpleasant shocks while renting a car is to approach the situation responsibly and plan.

After the end of the lease

The rental ends within the terms specified in the contract, and the car can be returned in various ways – all this is also stipulated. When returning the car, it is inspected for deformations and defects; if any are identified, a decision is made on compensation and its amount. Compensation can also be paid in case of severe contamination of the car interior.

However, it should be borne in mind that any machine is subject to natural wear and tear, and if a breakdown occurred precisely for this reason, then there can be no talk of compensation. However, in this case, an examination must be carried out, which may require some time. Let us repeat that this is again stated in the lease agreement.

Steven Hatman
Steven Hatman

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