What Can the Police Do if Someone Eggs Your Car?

They can issue a warning, but they cannot arrest you or make you pay any damages. They also cannot force you to press charges against the person who egged your car. The only way to get the person who did this punished is if you want to take matters into your own hands and press charges against them.

What should you do if someone eggs your car?

Egging someone’s car is technically vandalism so if you want to file charges against the person who egged your car, you’ll need to get their name and address. You’ll also need evidence that they were the ones who did it: for instance, if there were witnesses who saw them doing it.

If there are no witnesses and no evidence of who did it, then you’ll have a hard time getting anyone arrested for egging your car. After all, we live in America and people are entitled to their freedom.

But even though they’re technically allowed their freedom, that doesn’t mean they won’t face consequences from other sources: namely from their neighbors or even from the community itself.

If word gets around that someone in the neighborhood has been egging cars, then people may start taking matters into their own hands and nobody wants to be on the receiving.

Egging is a form of vandalism and can be punishable by law

If you find that someone has egged your car, report it to the authorities immediately. The police may be able to help you identify the person who committed this crime. In some cases, they may even arrest them.

If one of your neighbors egged your car, you should try talking to them first before going to the police. You may be able to resolve the situation in a way that doesn’t involve involving law enforcement officials at all.

They can search for the person who threw the egg

If someone eggs your car, you can call the police to search for the person who threw the egg. The police will investigate by asking questions and looking for evidence. If they find enough evidence to arrest someone, they will arrest them. If not, they will keep investigating until they find enough evidence or until they decide that there is no more need to continue investigating.

The police can also issue a fine if they think an egging was intentional and not just an accident. This means that if someone throws an egg at your car, it might be best not to drive away in case there are witnesses who can identify the culprit.

They can seize any evidence they find

The police can seize any evidence they find. This is to make sure that they can get a conviction of whoever did it. They will look for fingerprints and other signs of who might have done it.

If there are any witnesses, they may also be able to get information from them. The police officers will then follow up with the person who reported being egged in order to see if they have any information about who could have done it.


The police can do a lot to help you if someone eggs your car. They can find who did it, and they can make sure that the person who did it will pay for the damage. They can also help you get your car cleaned up or fixed.

Steven Hatman
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