What temperature should car AC blow

How to know what temperature your car ac should blow. How does a car air conditioner work? For those who don’t know, a car’s AC creates cold air from hot outside air using different parts, such as the compressor, condenser, evaporator, and receiver drier to purify and cool the inside of a vehicle. It removes humidity from moist cabin air by refrigeration processes.

Car ac blowing too hot or too cold is a common problem with many people, because not all car ac systems are made equal. Most cars have a dial that allows you to control how high or low to set the temperature on the AC unit under the hood. Some may even have multiple controls that allow you to fine-tune its effects.

Every car ac is equipped with a temperature control knob allowing you to adjust the temperature of the airflow pouring from the vents. It works by using the AC and heater blend door actuator motors that move a flap in your blend air door. This will allow either hot air into your cabin at higher AC settings.

What temperature of car ac is ideal for you?

The easy way to figure out what temperature setting you should use when driving is idle with no passengers in the back seat (most people’s cooling needs are based on their body requirements). To be sure, start a low setting and turn it up until the cooling effect is felt.

If you want to cool or heat your car ac even faster in summer or winter, try turning on the AC in two stages.

First, turn it to low and then turn it off again after about five minutes, then repeat this process a few times. This allows your car’s AC system to properly recharge with cold/hot air when needed more quickly than if you were leaving it turned on constantly running. You should start seeing results right away when doing this method of operation, so enjoy yourself by being cooler in the summer or warmer in the winter while saving money too!

Going back to knowing what temperature your air conditioner should blow, the best way is to test out different settings at different times of the day. First, start with the fan off and windows open (but make sure doors are closed). Slowly turn the temperature up toward the maximum setting while driving on city streets or on an expressway.

Figure out your ideal temperature for your car’s AC unit by testing it under many conditions like low speed or high speeds, in hot or cold weather. Be sure to test each side of the road when you have passengers so they can choose what climate control comfort level they prefer.

If you want to cool down faster in summer by doing two stages instead of one method mentioned above, try turning it off after ten minutes then repeat until desired effects are felt. It might take a few tries at different speeds through before you find that perfect one for your car.


In this article, we discussed how to know what temperature your car ac should blow when it comes to drivers and passengers’ needs for climate control, because not all cars are made equal when it comes to the AC working system.

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