Why does my car AC turn on by itself

This is a common problem that you will often face in the summertime. When your AC turns on by itself, it can be quite annoying. Besides being an annoyance, this can put your car AC unit at risk of damage from overuse. In order to prevent this from happening, there are specific reasons why does my car AC turns on by itself and what you should do about it.

4 Reasons why does car AC turn on by itself

1. Your Air Filter Needs To Be Changed

Your air filter blocks airborne debris, which could allow dangerous particles into the engine of your vehicle if not kept clean. Since this is a protective measure, changing your air filter regularly can help stop your AC from turning on by itself.

2. Your Vehicle Needs A Tune-Up

When your engine is running well, it will not need to utilize the AC as much in order to stay cool, which could be what causes does my car ac turn on by itself. Although this may not sound like a permanent solution for this problem, it can help in the meantime while you are getting further preventative measures put in place.

3. Refrigerant Is Low

The refrigerant whose purpose is to absorb heat and release it when your AC turns on by itself. If your refrigerant levels are low, this could be another reason why does my car ac turn on by itself. The easiest way to check the levels of the refrigerant is to have an inspection completed at an automotive professional’s garage or dealership.

4. A Blown Fuse

If you notice that your AC only works when the engine is running, then there might be a blown fuse in one of your vehicle’s circuits. This problem can cause other parts in your car not to work properly. It is important to get it checked out as soon as possible so that further damage does not occur.


Why does my car AC randomly turn on?

There are a variety of potential root causes for this issue. And it may be more than one of these conditions contributing to this problem.

There can be malfunctions in the car’s actual AC, such as a faulty thermistor, which checks the temperature and opens or closes valves according to how warm it is inside. Alternatively, there could also be an electrical fault somewhere along your wiring system.
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