What to Do if Car Warranty Repair Taking Too Long?

The last thing you want is to be stuck waiting for your car’s warranty repair. It can be stressful and frustrating but don’t worry we’ve got something for that. We recommend calling the dealership where you purchased your car to see if they can help. They may have some insight on how long it should take for a particular issue to be resolved.

If that doesn’t work out, try reaching out directly to the manufacturer of your vehicle. They may also have more information about what’s going on with your car and when it will get resolved.

If neither of these options works out, consider contacting your insurance provider about how they handle warranty repairs. Sometimes, they’ll offer compensation if their customers are delayed in getting their cars fixed due to a problem with the dealership or manufacturer.

In any case, remember that this is just one part of owning a car and it’s not something that should get in the way of enjoying everything else there is about owning a car.

Why the repair is taking so long?

The law says that if you’re having trouble with a car warranty repair, you can complain and get your problem fixed. You don’t have to just sit there and wait for your dealer or manufacturer to do something about it. If your car is under warranty and the repair is taking longer than it should, here are some things you can do.

Get in touch with the dealer or manufacturer directly. Tell them what’s going on and ask them what they’re doing about it. If they refuse to help, file a complaint with your state’s department of motor vehicles.

Check out the company’s website or call customer service if they have one they may have a form available online where you can submit a complaint directly from their site. It never hurts to try.

If all else fails, file a lawsuit against them in small claims court. You may not win your case but at least then you’ll be able to tell people about how much of a scam these companies are running on their customers.

How to get your car back faster?

Be patient. You might feel like the service center is taking too long, but remember that they have a lot of other cars in line before yours, and they aren’t likely rushing through any of them. It may help if you remind yourself of this when things get frustrating.

Communicate with your service center. If you have questions about what’s happening with your car or what needs to happen next, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask! They should be happy to answer any questions as soon as possible. It may also help if you let them know if there are any problems with something that needs fixing before they can move on to another step in.

What you can do to help yourself?

Ask for updates from the shop, and keep track of when they were given. Get a second opinion from another shop that does car warranty repairs. Be sure to tell them which parts have already been replaced and what the estimate is from the current repair shop. If the estimate keeps going up and up, ask for another estimate from a different shop that specializes in parts that are still under warranty.

Check your car’s warranty

Check your car’s warranty. Some auto manufacturers have a time limit on their warranties; if you’ve gone past that limit, you might be out of luck.

Call the warranty company

You can call the warranty company and ask them about your claim, or you can call your local dealership. If the warranty company is dragging its feet or not being responsive, it could be because they don’t want to pay for the repairs.

Try calling again and if that doesn’t work, try calling the dealership where you purchased your car. They may know more or have a better idea of what’s going on with your claim than the warranty company does.


If your car warranty repair is taking too long, you should call the manufacturer. They might be able to help you, but they’re not obligated to do so. If they can’t or won’t help you, it’s time to look into other options.

Steven Hatman
Steven Hatman

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