Why Do My Brakes Squeaking After New Pads?

If you’re hearing squeaking after new pads, it’s probably because your brake dust boots are worn.

Brake dust boots act as a sealant that prevents dirty oils and water from getting into the brakes, which can cause corrosion on metal components.

Replacing the brake dust boot is an easy fix for this problem! Here is why your brakes may be squeaking and how to fix it:

Reason # 1: Your brake dust boots are worn.

The brake dust boot is a seal that keeps water, grime, and other contaminants out of your braking system. If the boot gets too thin or starts to rip, you’ll start to hear squeals after replacing pads or rotors because oil and dirt can get into the brakes.

How to fix

If your boots are torn or wearing thin, you should replace them right away. To do this, just loosen the screws on your rotor until they’re flush with the hub and remove the caliper bracket. Next, use a new boot to stretch it around the metal brake line and slide the screws back in to hold it tight.

Now that you have new brake dust boots, all you need are some fresh pads!

Reason #2: Your brake pads are worn out.

These are more common on front brakes because they get more use, but it’s important to check all of your pads. Brake pad material is designed to wear down as it presses against the rotor surface, but if you go too long without changing them they could become excessively thin and you’ll start to hear squeaking or groaning.

How to fix

If your front brake pads are worn out, you can change them

Reason # 3: Your brake caliper piston is sticking.

If your vehicle has a hydraulic braking system, the caliper can hold onto old pads or rotors even after they’ve been replaced to make sure the rotor stays centered. If this happens, it could be because of a damaged boot seal or a small piece of contamination lodged between the brake pad and the brake caliper piston.

How to fix

If this is the case, you can remove the piston and clean it off by hand with a brush. A solution of brake parts cleaner will also work for this, but be careful that you don’t damage or bend any hoses!

Reason # 4: You have warped rotors.

The pads on your car are designed to press against curved surfaces underneath them, so if one of your front tires has worn down more than the others it could be putting uneven pressure on your rotors. This will cause them to warp and squeeze the pads tighter, so they also wear down more quickly.

How to fix

If you have warped rotors, it’s time for new ones!


In summary, if you’re hearing squeaking from your brakes after a new brake job or a fresh set of pads, chances are that one of these conditions is the source of the problem. You can fix the issue by replacing your brake dust boots, installing a new set of pads, or even cleaning out the metal caliper piston.

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