Why Is My Car Making Thump Noise When Accelerating?

If your car is making a thumping noise when accelerating, it can be frustrating to figure out what’s causing it. There are a lot of things that could be the culprit, so we’re going to go through some of the most common ones and how to fix them.

Let’s talk about timing chain tensioners. These are small devices that regulate the movement of the timing chain in your engine. If they’re not working properly or if they’ve gone bad, they can cause thumping noises while accelerating.

This can be fixed by replacing the timing chain tensioner with a new one or by repairing it with epoxy or another adhesive substance.

Another possible cause of this problem is worn engine mounts. Engine mounts help stabilize your car’s engine by keeping it from bouncing around too much while driving at high speeds or accelerating quickly.

When these mounts wear down over time or break due to other factors like extreme heat or cold weather conditions, they may start making noise when accelerating due to vibrations caused by bouncing around within their mounting brackets which can lead to problems such as excessive engine wear and tear as well as premature failure due to excessive stress placed on other components attached near those brackets such as transmission parts like gears.

What causes a car to make a thumping noise?

A front-wheel-drive car will typically make a thumping noise when accelerating because the front wheels rotate at a different speed than the rear wheels. This is especially true if you have an engine with a lot of torque, like diesel engines or large V-8s.

If you’re driving on rough pavement, then this can cause your tires to bounce around, which will cause them to make noises as they hit against one another or against uneven surfaces. If you’ve recently had new tires installed, then this could also contribute to the problem because new tires tend to be stiffer than older ones.

How to fix the thumping noise?

If replacing your tires doesn’t solve the problem, there’s a chance that your shocks might be worn out in which case, you’ll want to replace them.

If neither of those fixes works for you, then it’s possible that your axle shafts are worn out or damaged. This would require major repairs that we recommend leaving up to professionals.

The problem could also be with your transmission or gearbox

The problem could also be with your transmission or gearbox. If you drive a manual vehicle, it could be that the clutch is slipping, which will make a loud thump noise when accelerating. If you are driving an automatic car, it’s possible that there is something stuck in the gearbox. The problem could also be caused by a damaged or broken gearbox.

What should you do if your car makes a thumping noise while accelerating?

If your car makes a thumping noise when accelerating, it could be due to any number of issues. You should first make sure that there is nothing obstructing the wheels or tire from rolling freely. Inspect the wheel for damage. Some thumping noises can be caused by a loose wheel bearing or a misaligned tire.

If those steps fail to produce results, check the drivetrain for any loose parts that may be causing the problem. If none of these options work, bring your car to a shop for further diagnosis and repair.

Why does my car make a thumping noise?

The wheel bearings are what allow the wheels to turn without resistance. If they’re damaged, they can cause a lot of friction as the axle turns and this friction causes a vibration that can be heard as the thumping sound.

In addition to the bearings, there are also ball joints that connect the axle to the frame of your car. These can wear out over time and cause similar problems as described above.


Now you know your car’s thumping sound is caused by a loose suspension and you can take steps to ensure it doesn’t get worse. If your car is making this noise, make sure to check out the suspension system and other parts. If you find anything wrong, take it to a mechanic right away so they can fix it before any damage occurs.

Steven Hatman
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