What Is the Problem With a Tire That Wobbles From Side to Side?

The problem with a tire that wobbles from side to side is that it doesn’t give you the control you need, especially if you’re going fast. If you have a tire that wobbles from side to side, it means there’s something wrong with the way your car is balanced.

This can be caused by a variety of factors. You may have too much air in one of your tires, which will make it roll to one side as it drives. Your alignment might be off so that one tire is not aligned with the others.

Your suspension could be damaged or missing parts that are essential for keeping your tires under control while they’re moving forward at high speeds. If any of these things happen, then it’s important to get them fixed immediately so that they don’t cause serious damage or cause an accident due to poor control over the vehicle’s direction and speed when driving on roads where there are other cars around.

There are three major causes of tire wobbles

Tire pressure

If your tire pressure is too low, then it will be unable to support the weight of your car. You can check your tire pressure by using a tire gauge, which can be found at any gas station or auto supply store.

Tire wear

If you have uneven tire wear, then you may have a problem with your alignment. To check this, look at the tread on each of your tires and see if they’re worn evenly or unevenly across the face of the tire if there’s an imbalance between them, then you’ll need to schedule an appointment with an auto shop for an alignment adjustment.

Tire type

Different types of tires have different characteristics regarding how much weight they can hold before developing a wobble due to underinflation some run-flat tires are designed for high-speed driving in all conditions but cannot support heavy loads well when fully inflated.

The tire may be out of balance

If your tires are out of balance, they will make a humming or rattling noise as you drive. This is because the tire’s weight is not distributed evenly. When one section of the tire encounters a bump in the road, it will vibrate which makes for an unpleasant ride and causes unnecessary wear on your vehicle’s suspension system.

Fixing a tire that wobbles from side to side is fairly easy to do with a few simple steps and tools you probably already have on hand.

The tire is out of alignment

A tire that wobbles from side to side may indicate that the wheel is out of alignment. An out-of-alignment wheel can lead to uneven wear, poor fuel efficiency, and handling problems. To correct this problem, have your mechanic check the wheels for proper alignment and make any adjustments necessary.

How does a tire wobble?

A tire that wobbles from side to side is often caused by a bad wheel alignment. This can happen when your tires are not balanced, or if the weight distribution on your vehicle is off.

A tire that wobbles from side to side can also be caused by ball joints that have worn down or a bent axle on the rear of your vehicle. If you’re experiencing this issue, it could also be that one of your wheels is out of round as well.

How can you fix it?

The problem with a tire that wobbles from side to side is that it can cause you to lose control of your car. This can be dangerous in any situation, but especially if you’re driving on a highway at high speed.

To fix this problem, you should check your tire treads for uneven wear and replace them if necessary. You should also check for any nails or other objects that may be stuck in your tires, as these can cause them to wear unevenly as well.

You should check your wheel alignment if your wheels are not aligned properly, they may be causing the wobbling effect.


The problem with a tire that wobbles from side to side is that it can lead to a blowout. A blowout occurs when the tire’s tread separates from its casing, and this can be incredibly dangerous for the driver of the vehicle.

If you notice that your tire is wobbling from side to side, it’s important to get it checked out immediately.

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