How Hot Do Brake Calipers Get?

How Hot Do Brake Calipers Get

The average temperature for a car’s brake calipers when in use can reach up to around 200 degrees Fahrenheit (93 Celsius). However, in heavy traffic conditions and constantly stopping and …

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How to dry your brakes

How To Dry Your Brakes

Drying wet brakes is an easy task that you can do yourself if needed. It does not always require taking it to the mechanic for this particular service since there …

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Why must Brake Fluid be hygroscopic?

Why Must Brake Fluid Be Hygroscopic

        Today we will discuss the characteristics of a hygroscopic fluid, why brake fluid must be one, and how it works.       What does hygroscopic mean actually?              Most people …

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What size is brake pipe?

What Size Is Brake Pipe

The size of the brake pipe is measured in inches. The United States uses NPT (National Pipe Thread Tapered) threads, which are 1/8 inch per foot. For example, if the …

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Why is my Car AC blowing smoke

Why Is My Car Ac Blowing Smoke

It is a common question that many people have, and a great number of mechanics have heard it. “Why does my air conditioning system blow smoke?” There are a variety …

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